Thinborne ultrathin case for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra review

When only the thinnest will do.

The Thinborne aramid fiber case for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
(Image: © Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

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If you're someone who hates the bulk that a case adds, Thinborne might have the answer for you. It won't protect your phone's display if it's dropped but this ultrathin case will add substantial grip to a slippery phone, helping you to keep from dropping it in the first place. Plus, it adds scratch protection and an optional Magsafe magnet built right into the case.


  • +

    Ultra-thin protection

  • +

    Sleek carbon fiber look

  • +

    Adds lots of grip to a slippery phone

  • +

    Fits most screen protectors

  • +

    Optional Magsafe model


  • -

    Top and bottom sides are fragile

  • -

    Not a "drop proof" case

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Modern smartphones are darn expensive, so it makes plenty of sense to slap a nice case on it to protect that investment and prevent yourself from spending hundreds of dollars on needless repairs. But not everyone likes a big, bulky case. Some might just want scratch protection and added grip to minimize the chance of dropping slippery metal-and-glass phones.

That's where the Thinborne aramid fiber case for the Galaxy S23 Ultra comes in. It's built with a sleek and familiar carbon fiber-style black-and-gray checkered design that feels soft and grippy to the touch, yet, adds almost no weight or extra bulk to the phone. That's good since the S23 Ultra is one of the single heaviest phones you can buy today.

It's our pick for the best Galaxy S23 Ultra case for folks wanting minimal protection and you'll quickly see why.

Keeping it thin

The Thinborne aramid fiber case for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

Taking a cursory glance at the back of the Thinborne aramid fiber case for the Galaxy S23 Ultra might not make it apparent just how different this case is from a traditional case. It's got a grippy soft touch back with a design style like carbon fiber, which makes sense since aramid fiber and carbon fiber are somewhat similar.

But as soon as you pick the phone up, you'll notice three huge differences between this case and others immediately. First off, the Thinborne case lives up to its namesake. This thing is seriously thin and it barely feels like you have more than a Dbrand skin on the phone. It's only 0.03 inches thick, so that makes plenty of sense!

Similar to a skin, the case only comes up to the very edge of where the side rails and the display begins.

The second thing you'll note is how light the case is. It adds a tiny bit more heft than a plain old skin, weighing 0.49 ounces (roughly 13 grams). By comparison, a CD is heavier at around 15 grams. So yes, it basically weighs nothing in comparison to the feel of a phone as heavy as the S23 Ultra weight. As a reminder, the S23 Ultra weighs a whopping 234 grams.

The third — and arguably the most controversial difference — is the fact that it doesn't completely cover the phone. Most cases rely on a simple design that the phone snaps into, covering the entire back, and all four sides, and adds a lip to protect the screen in the event of a drop.

Not the Thinborne case. The one is mainly designed to keep the back from getting scratched and to provide grip, so side coverage is extremely minimal. The parts of the case that cover the top and bottom of the phone are mainly there just to ensure the case holds fast to the phone and doesn't fall off. And yes, this case hugs the phone very tightly.

Since there's no lip on the front, you'll want to ensure you get one of the best Galaxy S23 Ultra screen protectors that's made of tempered glass. That's arguably the worst part of the case, too, since it won't protect the display in the event of an accident. Being extra grippy helps prevent this but sometimes life happens.

It's also worth noting that the top and bottom portions that snap to the rest of the phone should be handled carefully. While I have installed and removed mine several times over the past few months of use and never had a problem, some Amazon buyers have reported that these pieces could snap.

Thinborne even cautions against mishandling these parts of the case in a small leaflet in the box, so take care not to manhandle the case when removing it.

One more thing that makes this case so fantastic is the ability to purchase a model that includes a Magsafe magnet built right into the case. This version is a fraction of an inch thicker but, unless you're directly comparing them, you'll never notice it. You can see in the images above that it's slightly thicker but, if nothing, that might make it a better buy for some folks.

Both styles include that really nice camera island that helps shore up the ugly separated lenses on the back of the S23 Ultra. The angles and generally "aggressive" design language of this camera island feel right at home with the carbon fiber style of the case and also do a superb job of protecting these glass elements from damage.

Overall, this is my personal favorite Galaxy S23 Ultra case. I'm not a person that drops phones and I don't hand them to my kids at a restaurant, so extra grip is usually all I need to ensure a slippery phone like the S23 Ultra doesn't end up in a rare accident.

If you're looking for a thin case with lots of grip, this is the best.

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