Best Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra cases 2023

All phones are vulnerable, seeing as they are made largely of glass. Metal parts aren't infallible either, as they can get dents and scratches. As beautiful as the Galaxy S23 Ultra is, it sure is a gigantic monolith. But Samsung's enormous 6.8-inch flagship still somehow manages to look elegant and slick. However, a phone as big and heavy as the S23 Ultra is by no means an easy feat to lug around.

Like any phone, chances are you'll accidentally drop it now and then, bump it against a doorway, and put it through its paces with 24/7 everyday use. You can help minimize, even eliminate, the damage this might case by keeping your gorgeous S23 Ultra protected by an excellent case. These are the nicest, sturdiest, and grippiest phone covers for your S23 Ultra, all designed to protect and serve. Pick one or two of the best Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra cases and you'll be good for years to come.

Here are the best Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra cases

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Your S23 Ultra can conquer the world with the right case on

Carved Traveler case on a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

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Cases are the best form of protection for any device, be it a flagship Android phone or a cheap e-reader from Amazon. There is no shortage of lovely covers and cases of shapes, colors, and sizes for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. Slim cases look and feel great, but they don't usually help much with impact absorption. They do, however, weigh next to nothing and don't interfere with the S23 Ultra's wireless charging capability.

After trialing countless cases for the Samsung flagship, our favorite cases are the Incipio Kate Spade Case, Thinborne ultrathin case, Dbrand Grip case, and Carved Traveler case.

Folks who are looking for a super thin and lightweight case should pick either Thinborne's ultrathin case or the Kate Spade case. Kate Spade's case adds some lovely feminine looks and a surprising level of toughness to your phone. You can also get the same thin case with a design from Coach from Incipio. Thinborne's case will add great scratch protection, extra grip, and optional Magsafe wireless charging magnets.

Carved and Dbrand go for a more unique, customizable angle. Both cases are wonderfully grippy and will survive a big fall without feeling bulky or heavy. Dbrand features the company's trademark sarcasm and consistent patterns, while Carved cases are handmade and completely unique.

If those are too much, the Ringke Onyx features a great, non-slip texture and it has holes for strap attachments. You can also opt for the Caseology Nano Pop for something brighter and more protective. Carved and DBrand also make gorgeous, unique cases with grippy rubber sides that'll let you show off your style

Heavy-duty cases like the Poetic Neon go a long way to help with shocks and scrapes. This sleek cover comes in plenty of colorful hues and it has multiple layers to add military-grade drop protection. SUPCASE brings you all of these things in the form of the Unicorn Beetle case, but it sacrifices sleekness for the extra kickstand on the back. You can't go wrong with either pick for your S23 Ultra.

After snagging the right case, don't forget to grab a robust screen protector for your S23 Ultra. The last thing that a beautiful AMOLED panel needs is a big ugly crack running through it!

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