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What you need to know

  • Google is in talks to buy fitness wearable maker Fitbit.
  • Neither company would confirm the story to Reuters, which broke the news.
  • Fitbit stock jumped on the news, then trading was halted.

Google's parent company Alphabet is considering a purchase of the wearable fitness device maker Fitbit. The story was broken by Reuters and Fitbit's stock was put on hold after it jumped 18% on the news.

Google's own wearable plans have come in fits and starts, and the company has never backed its Wear OS with a flagship 'reference' device in the same way it has done for Android with Nexus and Pixel devices, and Chrome with Pixelbook devices. So-called Pixel Watches have been rumored and leaked in the past, but have never materialized as proper Google-branded products.

Favorite Fitbit

Fitbit Versa 2

The future Google Pixel wearable?

The Fitbit 2 is a capable wearable with an AMOLED display, FitBit Pay, and outstanding battery life. In our review, we said Fitbit OS needed time to grow, but news that Google may buy Fitbit puts future wearable OS plans into question.

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