While Black Friday sales on phones and laptops are already in full swing, deals on cases are fewer and farther between, but fan-favorite thin casemaker Totallee is starting their Black Friday deals early with 30% off everything they sell on Amazon. The best part of this deal: it's not limited to Americans! Canadians and United Kingdom residents can get in on the fun, too!

Thin cases for less

Totallee Pixel 3a Clear Case

Totallee Cases and accessories

Ultra-thin and ultra-minimal cases are what Totallee's known for, which make them the perfect cases for smartphone fans that hate phone cases. There's no branding on these cases: just a slim profile, added grip, scratch protection, and maybe some color for the iPhone cases.

Use coupon code DEAL4BFCM at Totallee.com, Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, and Amazon.co.uk

Totallee's cases tend to start out on the expensive side — at least, expensive for a thin case — but once a phone has been out for a while, cases usually drop down to $15-$20, and once you add in an extra 30% off, these cases are killer deals. Pixel 3a and 3a XL owners, in particular, can get the Totallee Pixel 3a case for $5 once they apply the 30% off coupon to the $6.99 price.

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We've reviewed Totallee cases in the past as well as reviewing its wireless charging car mount, which the 30% coupon get down to $41. If you've been debating getting a wireless charger for the car — which you totally should because wireless chargers are perfect for 20-40 minute commutes, not that anyone is commuting regularly right now — Totallee's is sleek, motorized, and supports 10W wireless charging.

It's worth pointing out that Totallee cases are thin cases that won't give you much impact/drop protection, but they will give you scratch protection and grip, which for many of us is all we need in a case, especially if we're the type to use a PopSocket or phone grip or are using it on a lightweight phone like the Pixel 3a or iPhone 12 Mini.

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