Save $50 with this Oculus Quest 2 Prime Day deal and pick up some new games

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It's not often that we see the Oculus Quest 2 at a discount. After all, it's already the most affordable VR headset you can buy, but this great Prime Day deal is challenging that with a great $50 discount for the Amazon Renewed Premium model. Combined with the other Quest 2 Prime Day deals, you'll realize this has been a great year to pick up a Quest 2.

Now, before you go "oh heck no, I'm not buying a used VR headset," consider this for a moment. Amazon's Renewed program is a step up from buying a used system at your local video game retailer, and the Renewed Premium program is one step above that. Not only are these products visually inspected and tested to work, but they're also sold with a full one-year guarantee from Amazon.

If you've ever had a problem with a product on Amazon and needed to refund or exchange it for any reason, you'll know how easy Amazon's customer service team is to deal with. Buying a Renewed Premium Meta Quest 2 is, by all accounts, probably better than buying a new one for this reason alone.

This deal will leave you renewed

Oculus Quest 2 (renewed) | $299 $249 at Amazon

Oculus Quest 2 (renewed) | $299 $249 at Amazon

If you want to save the most amount of cash today, then this renewed option from Amazon is worth a look. Listed as 'like new' and with a battery charge capacity of at least 90% still, we think this is a solid buy for $50 less than a brand new unit.

By saving $50, you'll be able to pick up a few of the great games on sale on the Oculus store this week and get your VR adventure started. If I'm going to make a few suggestions, you might want to start with Knockout League, Down the Rabbit Hole, or Tentacular. They're all phenomenal VR experiences that feel immediately natural — or, maybe, extraterrestrial in the case of Tentacular — and won't make you motion sick if you're new to VR.

At some point, it would be wise to pick up a great Quest 2 head strap, hand strap, and face cover replacement to make your experience even better but, honestly, just saving the $50 out of the gate and experiencing a handful of amazing VR games is a better way to start.

Remember, the Meta Quest 2 works just like a console rather than the VR headsets of old. It's completely standalone and needs nothing else to work. Not a PC, not a console, and not a smartphone to power it. Keep in mind, though, that you'll need a smartphone and a Facebook account to get started, but the Facebook requirement is being dropped next month.

So what are you waiting for? Save $50 and get the best VR headset of all time right now!

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