Best Hand Straps for Oculus Quest Android Central 2020

Tired of maintaining a tight, rigid grip on your Oculus Touch controllers during VR sessions? Custom hand straps and grips keep your Touch controllers fixed in place even when you let them go, allowing for a more relaxed hold or firm grasp depending on the situation. Yet some strap designs introduce new problems, making it difficult to reach buttons or too tight to wear comfortably. We've rounded up the best straps and grips for Oculus Quest to improve VR play.

Extra straps and accessories: AMVR Touch Controller Grip Cover

Staff Pick

Quantity meets quality for our top choice. This AMVR bundle gives you two sets of two silicone grip bands, giving you a free backup set if they break. Plus, along with the two anti-sweat TPU plastic grips, you get a bonus lens protector and a nose gap-closing attachment. These perks aside, you'll want this for the reliable straps, which slot into one of three notches for different hand sizes and don't budge during vigorous motion thanks to velcro strips. Plus, the comfortable grips prevent the Touch battery covers from sliding off, a common user complaint.

$26 at Amazon

Thin double-band design: Mamut Touch Grips

Originally an Indiegogo product, the Mamut Touch Grips first tackled the hand-strap market with a two-band, shoelace-style design for each hand. Some buyers will appreciate this design for grip versatility, while others may find it difficult to find a snug, comfortable configuration. The sweat-proof grip and thin bands make Mamut's grips excellent for intense VR movements, particularly throwing motions where you naturally open your hands.

$30 from Mamut

Hand + wrist strap combo: KIWI design Knuckle strap

This combination hand and wrist strap is KIWI's second model, featuring several design improvements over a standard strap. The flat rubber loop, which can wrap around the tracking loop or controller, is less likely to budge over time than a round loop. Thicker, adjustable wrist straps offer more comfort than the base Oculus model, and the "magic tape" velcro ensures the band holds steady against your palm. Other products make it difficult to keep the original wrist strap attached, so a built-in replacement is a welcome addition.

$17 at Amazon

Smooth, 3D-printed grip: NinjaGrip OG Oculus Quest Controller Grips

Before retailers sold hand straps, VR fans with 3D printing skills found their own solution. Made of NinjaFlex filament, these NinjaGrips offer more vibrant color options, a comfortably smooth grip without any rough ridges, a strap with extra fabric padding, and two strings for keeping the contraption locked to the tracking band. These look less "professional" than the other options, and may take several weeks to ship, but also offer better finger comfort, easy installation and a second model specifically for larger hands.

$17 at Etsy

Choose your grip wisely

We scoured the internet for reliable hand straps and grips. Still, outside of the big-name models, the rest appeared to be knock-offs with suspiciously positive reviews mixed in with unhappy customers claiming the straps damaged the Touch's buttons, blocked off sensors, or simply broke after a couple of play sessions. We don't suggest you stray beyond this list when making your final choice.

If you're looking for a complete set of Quest accessories, the AMVR Touch Controller Grip Cover set offers an excellent variety of products in one package. You can switch between the four interchangeable red, white, and blue elastic bands to keep them fresh. You can cover your lenses between play sessions and even close the notorious Oculus Quest nose gap to reduce light leakage.

If you just want a grip-and-strap set, the KIWI design Knuckle strap overhauls your Touch controllers with its dual wrist and hand straps. When using other straps like the Mamut Touch Grips, we found that you must squeeze the hand strap's plastic end through a small hole connected to the default wrist strap, making it difficult to remove and insert. KIWI's option dodges this problem by combining them into one unit.

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