The big day has passed. We came. We saw. We conquered Black Friday 2019. There are still a ton of deals available right now, but we wanted to take a look at the top 10 best selling items from the big event. Many of these are a bit obvious but some of them may surprise you.

By a small margin, the iTunes Gift Card 20% discount was one of the most popular deals that we saw, followed closely by the Echo Dot. These both saw some big discounts that we don't see very often, so it's no shock to see them up there. Some of the more surprising items from the list were the Samsung microSD cards, and the mophie wireless charging pad. Both of these are from a space that is highly competitive, so to see one clear winner in each category was a bit unexpected.

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Many of these are still available today, so if you haven't already made the purchase it may be time to consider doing that right now. We are still collecting the best deals so be sure to keep an eye on that list so you can see newer discounts and price drops as they become available.

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