Best Zigbee-compatible Products for Amazon Echo (4th Gen) Android Central 2021

With the launch of the Zigbee-compatible Amazon Echo (4th Gen), we're listing the best Amazon Echo Zigbee devices available today. The Echo has 64 compatible Zigbee devices — 40 smart light bulbs, 22 smart locks and two smart switches — but many of these devices aren't helpful or reliable enough that Alexa compatibility makes them worth buying. We've narrowed the list down to the six products built to smarten up your smart home that we can fully recommend.

Philips Hue A19 Zigbee

Let there be (smart) light: Philips Hue White 2-Count A19 LED Smart Bulb

Staff Pick

Philips Hue is the definitive choice for LED light bulbs for your smart home, and this simple two-pack is an excellent starter set. With these smart bulbs installed, you can use your Echo to turn out or dim the lights. Beyond voice controls, these bulbs also let you set automated lighting schedules or track when you leave home and turn off or on automatically.

$30 at Amazon
Centralite Micro Door Sensor Zigbee

Motion, temperature and humidity: Centralite Micro Door Sensor

This all-in-one sensor is truly versatile, instantly sending you a notification if the door or window it's attached to is opened and tracking the temperature and humidity of your home. Paired with your Echo speaker, you can set up home automations to respond to intruders or changes in temperature conditions.

$18 at Amazon
Yale Assure Lock

250 unique codes: Yale Assure Lock with Zigbee

This smart lock gives you a dual touchscreen and traditional deadbolt that's easy to install and lets you use a key backup during a power outage. You can use your Echo to check the lock status and lock or unlock it from your couch. Otherwise, the other functions like creating or deleting entry pins must be done on the lock touchscreen.

$182 at Amazon
Kwikset 914 Zigbee Smart Lock

One-touch locking: Kwikset SmartCode 914 Zigbee Smart Lock

Supporting up to 30 PIN security codes, this Kwikset lock allows you to lock or unlock it through your Echo speaker. It has 128-bit encryption security, a physical anti-theft design, and a keypad that includes an instant lock button to go with its auto-locking feature. It's a solid purchase if you want a keypad and key slot, but don't need a touchscreen.

$163 at Amazon
Centralite Smart Plus Mini Zigbee

Remote on/off and automation: Centralite Smart Plug Mini

Using this simple smart outlet, you can turn any non-smart device into a smart Zigbee device. Plugged into the Centralite Smart Plug Mini, your appliances can be activated via Alexa voice command, triggered on by an alert from another Zigbee device, or can be turned on remotely from your phone.

$18 at Amazon
Philips Hue White Color Zigbee

16 million colors: Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance 2-Pack BR30

Rated to last 25,000 hours, these smart bulbs can provide simple light or be adjusted to provide whatever kind of mood lighting you want. While you can easily turn these on and off with Alexa commands, you'll need a separate Hue Bridge hub to activate its more complicated smart home features.

Our top picks

We were surprised and disappointed to discover that the best Amazon Echo Zigbee devices available today are fairly old, at least for smart home gadgets. Most launched at least two years ago, and were also compatible with the previous Echo Zigbee hub: the second-generation Echo Plus speaker. As of yet, Amazon seemingly hasn't attracted any companies to produce new Zigbee-compatible devices for its newest smart speaker.

That being said, there are several devices that have aged well and are still recommended favorites of Android Central staff, starting with the Philips Hue White A19 LED bulbs. Our pick for the best Philips Hue lights overall, these LEDs are affordable, will last you for decades and give you automated schedules and geofencing, though you may need to buy a separate Hue Bridge for some of those features.

We also highlighted the Yale Assure Lock as one of the best Alexa-supporting smart locks. We don't think you'll ever need all 250 security codes, but you will certainly enjoy the one-tap lock mechanism, Amazon Key support, and, of course, Alexa commands.

Just keep in mind that despite this handy Zigbee support, the Amazon Echo (4th Gen) can't fully control most of these accessories. With Echo voice commands you can lock or unlock doors, turn lights on and off, and so on; but for more complicated actions like setting up new pin codes or changing the color or schedule of your smart bulbs, you'll need to do that in an app.

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