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Best Webcams for your TV Android Central 2021

You may not realize it, but you can actually use a webcam with the TV in your home for your video calling needs. With so many options to choose from, it can be tough to find the best TV webcams, but we've rounded up some of the best that can handle just about every situation you throw at it. The Facebook Portal TV is our favorite thanks to its easy integration with your Facebook account, along with the built-in Amazon Alexa smart features, packing a nice one-two punch to keep in touch with the family or even if you just want one of the best webcams to connect to your TV.

Best TV Webcam Overall: Facebook Portal TV

Facebook Portal TVSource: Facebook

The Facebook Portal TV is an easy choice for the best TV webcams thanks to its simple installation process and included features. Just about everyone you know likely has a Facebook or WhatsApp account, so getting everything set up is as easy as signing into your account. Plus, you have the added benefit of onboard Amazon Alexa for easy integration with your smart home.

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Those concerned about privacy can throw those concerns to the wayside, as there are buttons to disable both the microphone and the camera. The Portal TV even goes an extra step for the camera, including a built-in camera cover that easily slides over the camera when it's not in use. As for that camera, you'll also have the added benefit of it automatically panning and zooming to ensure that everyone is in the frame throughout your video chats.

On paper, the Portal TV looks like it's a home run, but there are a few concerns to be aware of. Notably, the video resolution is limited to 720p, which at this price, doesn't make too much sense. Another potential frustration is that there is currently no support for Zoom or GoToMeeting with the Portal TV. And if you're the type to wear a tin-foil hat, using this webcam may not feel the greatest, as you must provide Facebook with your information, along with having a camera and microphones in your home.


  • Easy integration with Facebook or WhatsApp
  • Smart Sound makes it easier to be heard
  • Amazon Alexa built-in
  • Quickly disable camera and microphone when not being used
  • Camera automatically pans or zooms to keep everyone in frame


  • No Zoom or GoToMeeting support
  • 720p video resolution
  • Allowing Facebook access to a camera/microphone in your home

Best TV Webcam Overall

Facebook Portal TV

Facebook Portal TV - Smart Video Calling

Video chat with friends and family thanks to Facebook

The Facebook Portal TV is a great solution for Facebook users who want to chat with friends and family.

Best TV Webcam for 4K: * Logitech Brio 4K*

Logitech Brio Lifestyle AltSource: Logitech

Those looking for the mac-daddy of webcams can't look past the Logitech Brio 4K. Not only do you get 4K HDR video recording, but this webcam is also certified to work with Windows, macOS, and ChromeOS. However, Windows users get the added benefit of Windows Hello support.

In addition to recording video at either 4K or 1080p, the Brio includes a 5X digital zoom and "RightLight" so that you never look awkward on camera. While 4K video is limited to streaming at 30FPS, you can pump the brakes, transition to 1080p, and get up to 60FPS if you want smooth and fluid video. To make sure that you get the right picture, the Brio features an adjustable Field of View, with options of 65, 78, or 90 degrees.

Logitech has packed just about the entire kitchen sink into the Brio, making it quite an impressive webcam. However, unless you need 4K video, the Brio will sport a lot more bells and whistles than what you probably will ever use. There are plenty of other, less expensive webcams that can do almost just as well as the Brio at just a fraction of the cost.


  • 4K HDR video recording
  • Automatically adjusts exposure and contrast
  • Multiple connection types
  • Dual omnidirectional microphones with noise cancellation


  • Expensive
  • Cannot just sit on a TV stand

Best TV Webcam for 4K

Logitech Brio 4k Cropped Render

Logitech Brio 4K

Get the highest video resolution possible

Logitech's Brio 4K sports either 4K or 1080p video recording, multiple viewing angles, and supports Windows Hello.

Best Value TV Webcam: AUKEY PC-W3 1080p Webcam

AUKEY PC-W3 Webcam LifestyleSource: Amazon

AUKEY may not be the first company you think of when it comes to finding the best webcams. However, the company has stretched its wings beyond providing some of the best USB-C portable chargers. With the need for solid webcams at an all-time high, AUKEY has capitalized on the market and has delivered quite well with the recently-released PC-W3 1080p Webcam.

In addition to recording video at 1080p resolution at 30fps, the PC-W3 webcam has built-in automatic color correction. This helps to make sure you look good regardless of how much light is available in the room. The dual-stereo microphones not only ensure you are heard loud and clear, but there is also built-in noise cancellation so that any extra noise is filtered out. AUKEY also seemed to think of everything, providing different ways to mount this webcam, including the use of a stand, clip, or mount.

With the AUKEY PC-W3 webcam, you will miss out on a built-in privacy shutter. This may leave you needing or wanting to unplug the webcam whenever it's not actively being used. And while the 1080p video resolution is going to be great for just about everyone, you are limited to wide-angle recording, so you won't be able to adjust the focal length while on your video calls.


  • Automatic color correction
  • Works with just about every video conference software
  • Can be mounted in multiple ways
  • Built-in stereo microphones


  • No built-in privacy shutter
  • Limited to wide-angle recording

Best Value TV Webcam

AUKEY PC-W3 Webcam Render

AUKEY PC-W3 1080p Webcam

Best bang for the buck

If you want a great video conferencing webcam to add to your TV, you can't go wrong with the AUKEY PC-W3.

Best Multi-Purpose TV Webcam: * Logitech C920s*

Logitech C920s LifestyleSource: Logitech

Logitech has its hands in a lot of different pots when it comes to the computer world, including the best ergonomic mouse and the best keyboards for Chromebooks. Another facet where Logitech excels is when it comes to webcams, as evidenced by our inclusion of the BRIO 4K webcam in this list. The Logitech C920s may not have all the bells and whistles as its larger brother, but that's just fine because it still offers a great experience at less than half the cost.

Logitech opted to use a 1080p camera in the C920s, which should be more than fine for most people's needs. For those times where you don't have a video call to make, but you don't want to unplug the camera, you can just throw on the detachable privacy cover. Logitech also packed in automatic light correction, ensuring that you don't look like a shadow in the night just because the room you are in is dimly lit.

The C920s hits many key features that folks are looking for in the best TV webcam, but not everything is perfect. For one, unlike the included privacy shutter, the stand the camera is mounted to is not detachable. This could lead to a frustrating installation process if your TV is not conducive to having something mounted on it. The included cable also may be a bit too short, as it measures in at just around 3-feet, leaving you to grab one of the better microUSB cables available.


  • 1080p resolution at 30fps
  • Removable privacy cover
  • Dual stereo microphones
  • Automatic light correction


  • Stand is not detachable
  • Included cable may be too short (1.5m)

Best Multi-Purpose TV Webcam

Logitech C920s Render

Logitech C920s HD Pro Webcam

Use this webcam for every situation

Whether you want to use the Logitech C920s with your TV or your computer, this has you covered.

Best TV Webcam for Plug and Play: Septekon Streaming Web Camera

Septekon Web Camera LifestyleSource: Amazon

Instead of dealing with any annoying software just to get things set up, why not get a webcam designed for "plug-and-play"? Well, that's exactly what you'll find with the Septekon Streaming Web Camera. This webcam is great for everyone between its 1080p video resolution and dual stereo microphones with built-in noise reduction.

We already mentioned that you don't have to download anything to get the video calls rolling. Just plug your Septekon Webcam into your TV of choice and get started. Another great feature of this webcam is that it can be rotated up to 360-degrees and tilted up or down at up to 30-degrees. This ensures that your picture is focused where it needs to be, regardless of where you are in the room compared to your TV.

There are a couple of downsides to this webcam from Septekon, with the biggest being the lack of an included privacy shutter. Sure, you can just unplug it whenever the video calls are over, but including a shutter would have been a cherry on top. Plus, the included mount cannot be removed, so you are stuck mounting the Septekon webcam to the top of your TV.


  • 1080p resolution at 30fps
  • Microphones feature noise reduction and echo cancellation
  • No drivers needed for installation
  • Can be rotated 360-degrees and titled up to 30-degrees


  • No privacy shutter included
  • Included mount is not removable

Best TV Webcam for Plug and Play

Septekon Web Camera Render

Septekon Streaming Web Camera

Just plug it in and get started

Forget messing with annoying software with the Septekon Streaming Web Camera.

Best TV Webcams for Beginners: Qtniue Webcam with Microphone and Privacy Cover

Qtniue Webcam LifestyleSource: Amazon

When it comes to finding just a basic, no-frills webcam, there are more options out there than you may think. But the Qtniue Webcam is our favorite thanks to the combination of the 1080p video recording and the included privacy shutter.

The camera rotates up to 360-degrees, making it easy to move around to catch the right angle for that upcoming meeting. This is also helped by the mount that Qtniue includes with its webcam. With this mount, you can easily install it on any screen you have, including your laptop, computer monitor, and of course, your TV. This webcam features an anti-slip and anti-scratch design to keep your TV looking great, even if you need to mount the webcam on top.

If it's just you who will make these video calls, you may not enjoy the rest of the room being shown. But that's one thing to consider with the Qtniue webcam, as it features a 95-degree wide-angle Field of View. Plus, those who plan on using this with their Mac or Windows computer may experience issues that force you to disable the built-in webcam if there is one.


  • 1080p video recording
  • Privacy shutter included
  • Rotates at up to 360-degrees
  • Versatile mount included


  • 95-degree FoV may be too wide for some
  • May experience issues if using with Windows or Mac

Best TV Webcams for Beginners

Qtniue Webcam Render

Qtniue Webcam with Microphone and Privacy Cover

The best webcam without all of the extra frills

Get the best no-frills experience with the Qtniue Webcam, as this is perfect for beginners.

Best TV Webcams for Versatility: Logitech StreamCam

Logitech Streamcam FrontSource: Jennifer Locke / Android Central

If you don't care about 4K recording with the Logitech BRIO, then the Logitech StreamCam is right up your alley. This is a rather popular webcam, regardless of whether you're using it with your TV, for some game streaming, or just for the regular ole' meetings that never end.

The StreamCam offers up to 1080p video recording at 60fps while also providing smart auto-focus. We don't see this very often with other webcams, but it's a nice touch for Logitech to offer it here. When it comes to versatility, the StreamCam hits the nail on the head, as you can rotate the camera to be used in either landscape or portrait mode, allowing you to frame up your shot perfectly.

However, not everything is great about the StreamCam as it's a bit expensive for a webcam that doesn't include 4K resolution. It also has a more narrow field of view, coming in at just 78-degrees, while others have a bit wider viewing range. That being said, the StreamCam is arguably the best 1080p webcam that money can buy.


  • 1080p video recording
  • USB-C connectivity
  • Versatile mounting options
  • Smart auto-focus and exposure


  • Expensive for what you get
  • Narrow field of view

Best TV Webcams for Versatility

Logitech Streamcam Reco Render

Logitech StreamCam (1080P HD 60fps)

Adjust the camera to line up the shot

The Logitech StreamCam includes many great features, including switching between landscape or portrait, and more.

Best TV Webcams for Gamers: Razer Kiyo

Razer Kiyo LifestyleSource: Razer

Although we see Razer move more into the productivity space with products like the Razer Book, the Razer Kiyo is a near-and-dear webcam for gamers. If you want to stream or have to take regular video calls, you won't have to worry too much about the lighting. That's thanks to the built-in ring light capable of providing up to a color temperature of 5600K.

And what's even better is that you don't need to rely on Razer's finicky Synapse software to control the brightness. The ring light can be adjusted by the dial that goes around the outer rim of the Kiyo. Razer also knows that you may not just want to mount this atop a monitor or laptop and makes it easy to use a tripod with the included mount. Plus, if you want to take this on the go, the Kiyo folds up quite nicely (for the most part), so you can throw it in a bag while traveling.

There are a few complaints to be had about the Kiyo, despite being a great value for gamers. For one, the included microphone tends to let in too much ambient noise, which could result in folks on the other end not fully understanding you. And while it's great that you can fold up the Kiyo to take it on the go, you won't be able to detach the cable, so you'll want to grab a few cable ties to keep things tidy. Many of the complaints regarding the Kiyo have been solved by the new Razer Kiyo Pro, but that's double the price and does not include a built-in ring light.


  • Built-in ring light
  • Able to record at 60fps
  • Easy to mount with included base
  • Compact and easily folds up for travel


  • Included microphone lets too much ambient sound in
  • Cannot remove cable from the camera
  • 60fps recording only available at 720p resolution

Best TV Webcams for Gamers

Razer Kiyo Cropped Render

Razer Kiyo (1080p 30 FPS)

For the gamers who need a webcam

If you want a webcam for gaming made by gamers, it doesn't get much better than the Razer Kiyo.

Get the best TV Webcams for your needs

When you have a device as versatile as the Facebook Portal TV, it's tough to pass up. The Amazon Alexa integration is a nice touch, and even though you can't use it with Zoom, it still makes for one of the best TV webcams thanks to its Facebook and WhatsApp integration.

You may not have the highest video resolution, but the Portal TV makes up for it with its ease of use. It doubles as a hub so you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows. And the included remote even has shortcut buttons for the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

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