Best Portable Pico Projectors Android Central 2019

Pico projectors come in all shapes and sizes, with some even available as modular attachments for your smartphone. They exist to fill the niche for those who want the ability to project content directly from their phone or tablet to make it easier to share photos or watch movies with friends. There's a ton of variety out there, but we've outlined the best available in 2018, including my favorite, the excellent Sony MP-CD1.

Most portable projector: Sony MP-CD1 Mobile Projector

This mobile projector from Sony isn't the most powerful on our list, but it's got a fantastic portable form factor and performs well with a whisper-quiet fan. Ideal for connecting HDMI devices but be warned there's no Bluetooth support for connecting your phone. For more information, check out my full review.

$359 at Amazon

Weird brand name, quality product: AAXA Technologies P300 Pico Projector

We've highlighted the P300 because it's not too expensive and features native 1280x800 HD resolution with Texas Instruments DLP technology and a 500 LED Lumen optical engine. In terms of connectivity, you get HDMI, mini VGA, microSD and USB readers, with an onboard media player for convenient use.

$338 at Amazon

Best built-in sound: Anker Nebula Capsule

From Anker comes the Nebula, a portable projector that is arguably the most complete projector on the list. It's got a big base that includes a 360-degree speaker and runs on Android 7.1 so you're able to download and use apps such as Netflix and Youtube with just a wireless connection. The cylinder design here is quite unique compared to the other products on our list.

$350 at Amazon

Short-throw projector with a big battery: ASUS S1 LED Pocket Projector

This pocket projector from ASUS is small and mighty, and with a 6000mAh rechargeable battery it also doubles as a power bank to keep your mobile devices charged. It uses advanced DLP technology that's capable of a short-throw projection that creates a 41-inch screen from just one meter away. There's an HDMI/MHL port in the back that lets you plug in your favorite device including support for Samsung or Apple devices.

$307 at Amazon

LG's best portable projector: LG PH150G LED Projector

LG's portable projector lets you cast a screen 100 inches to replicate a movie theater experience in your home, and the LED lamp will last up to an estimated 30,000 hours. There's a built-in wireless mirroring function that works with Android smartphones and tablets, along with a USB port for plugging in files directly and Bluetooth support for audio output.

$277 at Amazon

Best for Moto Z users: Moto Insta-Share Projector Moto Mod

For Motorola fans, the Moto Insta-Share Projector is one of the coolest Moto Mods available, connecting directly to your phone and letting you project videos, photos, and more right onto your wall — up to a 70-inch display.

$126 at Amazon

Pico projectors are a great solution for both home entertainment and formal presentations. Given the variety of styles and features included, choosing the right pico projector will depend on the devices you own and how you plan to connect and watch content. For an ultra-portable solution, we'd recommend the Sony MP-CD1 Mobile Projector, but for a more unique option that runs on Android and offers better wireless connectivity, we'd recommend the Anker Nebula.

Update September 2018: Added the Sony MP-CD1 and updated formatting.

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