My cat's favorite pet robot is the cheapest its ever been this Cyber Monday

Enabot EBO Air
(Image credit: Namerah Saud Fatmi / Android Central)

The Enabot EBO Air has been a steadfast companion for my cat ever since we got it. This rotund robot-on-wheels has many tricks up its sleeve, catered to humans as well as their furry friends.

Unlike most pet cameras, the EBO Air can move around thanks to its wheels. Much like a robot vacuum, the Enabot pet camera has a charging station where it returns on its own when necessary. The mobility of this pet robot is what my cat and I find most exciting. It whizzes around on its own, uttering out cute little phrases or its own name through its speakers, and it even captures footage or images on its own if you set it to.

You can schedule the Enabot EBO Air to come out and play with your pets at certain times of the day. What I found most astonishing was how much my cat loved the EBO robot. He loves to chase it around the house, swatting at its "head", and sometimes just hangs out with it. And it's not just my kitty, it seems like the Enabot pet companion is a hit with other felines as well. My colleague shared his cat's adorable pictures, cuddling up with the little round Enabot EBO Air robot.

Enabot EBO Air

(Image credit: Chris Wedel / Android Central)

During my travels, I really appreciate the Enabot EBO Air's versatility. The fact that it has a 1080p camera for a face and a mic built-in is incredible. You can control the Enabot EBO Air from your phone and communicate with those on the other end, whether they're people or pets. I've used it across continents and the feeling of being close to your loved ones is wonderful. What feels so amazing is that you can simply drive the pet robot around the house, checking in on those who matter.

Enabot EBO Air:$299$158 at Amazon

Enabot EBO Air: $299 $158 at Amazon

This adorable pet robot can play with your loved ones, record surveillance footage at night, and charge itself. You can control it from anywhere around the world and follow your family members around the house. It has a 1080p camera, a speaker, and a mic for two-way audio and one-way audio comms. Enjoy a whopping $71 off on this fantastic pet robot camera with this Cyber Monday deal.

If you don't have the time or energy, you can automate these check-ins as well. The Enabot EBO Air has the ability to recognize both humans and pets thanks to AI. It can then follow them around and play with them by performing tricks.

At night, the multipurpose Enabot robot doubles as a security camera. It has IR night vision so the night footage is crispy clear. Enabot equipped the robot with features like cruising and patrolling once the sun goes down. It can even detect motion and alert you through push notifications on your phone.

There are a few downsides to the robot as well. Since it doesn't map your home, Enabot EBO Air tends to get lost quite a lot when heading back to its charging station. If there's a lot of hair and other debris stuck in the wheels, the robot heats up and you need to clean the tracks manually by opening them up.

All things considered, the Enabot EBO Air is a very unique smart home accessory. It serves several purposes at once, interacting with pets and family members and also patrolling your home for security at night. What's unbeatable though is its ability to move around — on its own or controlled by you through your phone. There's nothing quite like it and that's why my family members and I love it so much. At $71 off, the Enabot EBO Air is an excellent buy.

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