Best Otterbox cases for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 in 2024

Otterbox is an age-old name in the world of phone covers and cases. You get reliable protection, high-quality builds, and longevity from any Otterbox case. It makes perfect sense why you'd opt for a sturdy case from Otterbox for your vulnerable Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4.

A folding phone is far more susceptible to the elements, and even daily use puts a strain on the phone. It's important to get one of the best Z Fold 4 cases to secure the foldable's hinge and displays. Here are the best options that Otterbox has to offer for your Samsung foldable.

Put your faith in these Otterbox Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 cases

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Otterbox's offerings are limited but play nice with the Z Fold 4

There's no shortage of great cases for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4. Hundreds of brands make interesting and useful cases for the Samsung foldable, but sometimes that can be a problem in itself. A lot of people prefer to stick with brands they already know, and that makes sense. After all, you don't fix what's not broken.

Otterbox has proven itself to be one of the best iOS and Android phone case makers to exist time and time again. There aren't many of them, but the best Otterbox cases for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 get the job done. The Otterbox Symmetry Flex Series Antimicrobial is easily the best protective cover from the brand. It kills germs, it boasts military-grade drop protection, and it covers up the vulnerable hinge of the Z Fold 4.

If you prefer a more minimal look, the Otterbox Thin Flex Series Antimicrobial is a good look on the Android foldable from Samsung. As the name suggests, it's undergone antimicrobial treatment as well. You don't get much in terms of protection, but the case barely feels like anything is on the Galaxy Z Fold 4.

Once you've picked the perfect Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 case from Otterbox, all you need to do is grab a scratch-proof screen protector, and your phone will be all set.

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