Google Pixel Buds Pro are at their lowest price ever for Cyber Monday

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At this point in 2022, you'll find no shortage of true wireless earbuds to choose from. Whether it's Google or Samsung, or a more dedicated audio company like Bose or Beats, wireless earbuds are the new norm.

But how many "pro-level" earbuds are $50 off on Cyber Monday? The Google Pixel Buds Pro certainly are, and that makes them a cool $149 on Amazon right now. They're the only ones that pack Google Assistant inside, including instant Google Assistant commands and real-time language translation without having to fiddle with your phone. Now that's brilliant!

A great pair of earbuds for less on Cyber Monday

Google Pixel Buds Pro: $199 $149 at Best Buy

Google Pixel Buds Pro: $199 $149 at Best Buy
Ready to have Google Assistant follow you everywhere you go? It's easy with Google Pixel Buds Pro, the latest earbuds from Google that pack an audio punch, translate foreign languages in real-time, and even have instant Google Assistant commands with 30+ hour battery life.

Also available at Walmart | Amazon

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If you're upgrading from an old pair of wired earbuds or just a cheaper set of wireless earbuds, you'll be amazed at the audio quality from Google Pixel Buds Pro. That's even more true with the most recent firmware update which added a 5-band EQ, adjustable right from the Pixel Buds app.

These earbuds pack in active noise canceling (ANC) that'll rival the best, including a super tight seal that helps audio stay where it should — in your ear drums. That's also vitally important for the earbuds' many features including hands-free Google Assistant. They'll even read out your notifications as they come in, a feature most earbuds simply don't offer and one you'll quickly never want to live without while walking around.

With 30+ hour battery life and a carrying case that'll keep your earbuds charged for even longer than that, you'll quickly learn to keep calm and rely on your Pixel Buds Pro on the go. They'll never replace the epic bass you'll get with a big pair of over-the-ear headphones like the Sennheiser HD 650 headphones, but that's probably OK for this great price and the convenience these earbuds deliver.

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