This Anker Prime Black Friday sale makes Prime Day look like a joke

Charging a laptop with the Anker Prime A1340
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Whether you're playing Metroid Prime on your Nintendo Switch or surfing Prime Day sales on your phone, the Anker Prime portable battery pack will keep your device powered practically forever. This incredible 20,000mAh battery is 31% off this Black Friday, and it can power basically anything you need it to.

I've even stopped using all my other power banks after I got one of these and take it everywhere with me. Not only is the 20,000mAh bank large enough to last an entire day while charging basically every device you own, but it'll last way longer than that when you're just topping up a couple of phones here and there.

It's also powerful enough to charge most laptops for hours via one of the USB-C ports on the top. Whenever I go on business trips for Android Central now, I just bring one of these along and don't bother searching for outlets in cafes or the airport. It's been a serious game-changer for me.

Anker Prime 20,000mAh power bank: $129.99$89.99 at Amazon

Anker Prime 20,000mAh power bank: $129.99 $89.99 at Amazon

Get this Anker Prime power bank and never use another power bank again! It's got enough juice to last an entire day (and then some), plus it's powerful enough to keep even a laptop charged for hours.

Since Anker built actual smarts into this thing, it can properly detect the best wattage for your device and intelligently scale charging speed. That means you can charge a 5W smartwatch or a 200W laptop with the same port without ever worrying about overvoltage or frying your gadgets.

But not everyone needs 20,000mAh of power. Anker's 12,000mAh version is smaller and a little bit more compact, outputs up to 130W, and is still on sale for Black Friday for 30% off.

And the best Anker Black Friday deals can go even smaller if need be. Plus, those deals start at just $20, making them easy impulse buys!

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