Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 for VerizonJust a quick heads up that the Verizon LTE version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 that we first told you would be landing on March 7 ... is now officially landing on March 7. It'll be available in stores and online for $599.99.

The Galaxy Note 10.1 showcases Samsung's S Pen, with a number of apps and features designed specifically for it. Samsung showed it off for Big Red back at CES in January.

See our complete Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 review from August 2012.

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radgatt says:

Now that's a big logo on the back.


Verizon logo is much bigger than Samsung's... damn.

rocket321 says:

But can I make calls on it? ;)

dyinman says:

Hey Verizon, you didn't make this or contribute to it. It's simply using your network.

Your stupid-ass logo makes me want it less.

Pronixx says:

Just to add... I got a WiFi galaxy note 10.1 and I love it. Awesome for note taking others don't even compare.

chubb says:

Wow. That is one huge ugly logo. Completely kills an otherwise nice looking back. Wish Samsung had the balls to tell Verizon to shove that logo up it's....