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WooHoo! Verizon released the Galaxy Nexus -- finally! Did you get one today? If so -- let us know. We've been celebtrating the release all day in the Android Central forums as many folks are now sharing their thoughts on the long awaited device. Got something to add? Hop on in.

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Verizon Galaxy Nexus day, ICS when? [From the Forums]


"WooHoo! Verizon released the Galaxy Nexus -- finally! Did you get one today? If so -- let us know. "

Ohh... I did, and it is AWESOME. Upgraded from the Original Droid, and holy crap what a difference. Within seconds I realized hardware keyboards are now dead to me.

I am having buyer's remorse already. The camera is not good. My Thunderbolt takes better pics. The browser is just ok. It feels a bit cheap. You have to have the screen brightness turned up way too much, to get the good colors...which drains the battery. My Thundernolt display looks better on lower brightness. Signal is not as good. I really wanted to like this phone, but it has a few too many shortcomings. The camera is what's really killin it for me. Oh, and it's huge. It makes the thunderbolt look small.

After all the negative press/comments over the camera, I was surprised that it took such good photos. Even using the flash, it was really good.

My guess is that it suffers from what all cell phone cameras suffer from: you can't take good pictures in low light. If you have plenty of light, they're fine.

Regarding the GN battery cover falling off in stores: do you think it might have to do with that loop of plastic around the back of the cover that doesn't allow it to be snapped in place?

Really, if this is what you call lousy build quality, you are an idiot. Once you snap the cover in place it feels like it won't come off, and indeed we haven't had reports of them falling off in use.

If you wanna feel good about the phone you have, then fine. But making up shit just to feel good, we have phrase for that: self delusion.