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Angry Birds Star Wars is inching ever-closer to its November 8 launch, and today they've shown a little bit more than their usual cutesy teasers. The first glimpses of Angry Birds Star Wars gameplay shows a cool secondary effect whereby the red bird Luke Skywalker can mow down structures by whirling a lightsaber about while along its collision course. Meanwhile the pink bird Princess Leia can call down laser fire as she makes her descent. AT-AT walkers on Hoth and Tusken raiders on Tatooine also make a short appearance. 

As played-out out as both Star Wars and Angry Birds merchandising may be, they're both highly-valuable brands, and it's not a huge surprise to see their creators milking either one for all they're worth. 

So, any Angry Birds players digging the new look? What about you, Star Wars fans? Does a Millenium Falcon with a slingshot on top compel you to check out the next Angry Birds? 


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Rovio releases first Angry Birds Star Wars gameplay trailer


Okay, so I've been over Angry Birds since Angry Birds 1, but this looks pretty damned cool. Lightsabers will do that though.

So we're just going to have to agree to disagree on the meaning of "insanely fun". If you want to bring it down a notch to "amusing while I'm waiting for my girlfriend to get dressed to go to dinner" we can talk.

November 8th, eh? Is this our reward for having to suffer through this brutal election season?

Cool. You can also notice the "in development" animation on the Leia level as some elements blink out of existence instead of disintegrate.