Robo Defense

Pardon a little gushing folks, but as any long-time Android users know, Robo Defense is one of the real OG games for Android.  And the folks at Lupis Labs haven't forgotten it, as it just got another great update with a new level, a new tower, and new achievements.  There might be newer games on the Market that take advantage of things like Tegra instructions, or need a dual-core powerhouse to run well, but I wanted to take a second and remind everyone about an old favorite. 

Robo Defense runs on any device with Donut or higher, and if you have bought the game you'll have an update waiting for ya in the Android Market.  If you haven't tried it, the link to the free trial is after the break -- check it out and remember how we used to game on our phones.  You'll probably still enjoy the hell out of it.

Revisit and discuss some strategy in the forums!


Reader comments

Robo Defense gets another update, continues to be awesome


What are you talking about!? You make it seem like it's Adventure or something. Game ain't that old and yes, still kicks ass. I need to stop being a cheap ass gamer and get this game already.
Did they ever make a sequel?

I've killed many hours playing Robo Defense and loved every minute of it. But after playing newer games like Myth Defense, the graphics in Robo Defense are just not appealing any more. As much as I want to go back and try out all the new features, until they enhance the graphics I just can't play it any more.

Marcus beat me to it, but Myth Defense really makes Robo Defense look limited. I don't hate the graphics, but the added features in Myth Defense give it incredible depth (alchemy is absolutely brilliant, although I wouldn't mind seeing a couple more runes added in an update).

My favorite Android game forever. Still playing now. Not incredible presentation, but amazing performance and most of all - BALANCED GAMEPLAY. Love it and toying with the flare mine upgrade. This game provides WEEKS of entertainment if you're going for all the rewards.