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Google is celebrating the release of the GDK by inviting more Explorers

If you've signed up for more information and a chance to purchase a pair of Google Glass, you might want to peek into your inbox. We've just received several invitations here at the Mobile Nations offices to purchase Glass direct from Google. 

Hi there

When you asked us how to get Glass on this site, we told you there would be more chances to join the Explorer Program…someday. Well, today’s the day.

The sneak peek of the Glass Developer Kit (GDK) is available now, making it possible to build new and innovative kinds of Glassware. We’re now inviting you, as a developer, to purchase Glass, become an Explorer, and join us in taking the next step in developing for Glass.

Click on the purchase code below to begin your adventures with Glass.

The price is still the same at $1500 plus a little tax, and the same range of colors — Charcoal, Tangerine, Shale, Cotton, Sky — are available. 

We expect this is a big push to get some great apps built with the new GDK, and we can't wait to see them. To learn more about Google Glass, or to sign up and let Google know you're interested, visit the Glass website.

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Darth Spock says:

I really want one but I'm going to wait so the real devs can do their thing. I just want to play.

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StuartV says:

What's up with that picture of the Glass? Aren't the nose pads pointing the wrong way?

blakeman7 says:

Glass is dumb yo.

still1 says:

You are dumb yo.



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steveb24 says:

U mad?

havesomejoe says:

Hmm. I just paid off my macbook for the same I really want more debt?

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I want one real bad!!


How bad!?!?

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The most baddest x infinity!!!!

HeyBeerManTX says:

If the "developer" version is $1500, how much is the "consumer" version going to be?

return_0 says:

Most likely a lot less expensive.

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TurboFool says:

$300-400 based on all reports.

TLB69 says:

If there're not too expensive,I'll rock a pair.Ill take a shot at the consumer price 8-900.00

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AzD says:

Whole lotta rocking going on there...

TurboFool says:

Consumer price will be aiming for $300-400.

a2Squard says:

Merely based on rumours - one can hope but only Google really knows.

I'm tempted to wait it out and see if they can get the battery life sorted. Also i wear glasses, so will be waiting to see if they release Glass that can clip onto existing frames.

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mhespenh says:

Got an invite!

Now to find $1500...

dmoney5573 says:

That's awesome!!! How long ago did you sign up???

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mhespenh says:

A week or two ago when they opened up the sign up for the wait list.

dmoney5573 says:

Did you sign up for personal use or as a developer? Just curious if they only opened up to developers.

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mhespenh says:

I signed up as a dev. It probably also helps that I'm a registered Android dev as well.

ezcats says:

Yeah I got mine too. I might not use it though. I wear real glasses, so this might be a problem. Why did I sign up again? lol.

Yep, signed up couple weeks ago, and got the invite....don't know why I signed up...sooo wanted to get one, but that price though...and how often would I actually use it...


I agree. Dat price, lol. Seriously, though, that's the price for being an early adopter.

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Yea,'s like 3 xbox ones or 3/4 ps4s or a macbook or a couple nexus 5's, I guess it's more like an impulse to get glass as in it's just a want, but not necessarily a need.

heggood says:

So, are those other items you mentioned a need?

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hiteshch says:

Hi, is it possible for you to pass on invite to me? I applied but didn't get invite yet. my id hiteshc at live

It's not even a need....

Will Glass replace phones and or tablets, or will it be a companion to them? Will it be a niche market?

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mikeearwood says:

I got my invite today but I didn't realize it was $1500. That's way to high a price for us low level developers.


hiteshch says:

Hi, is it possible for you to pass on invite to me? I applied but didn't get invite yet. my email hiteshc at live

a2Squard says:

It's not a need and I don't feel it's a niche market type thing. Regular people, like me, definitely want this. I describe it as an extension of your smartphone.

netstars22 says:

If only money wasn't that big an issue...

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For those who've posted comments about receiving invites to purchase Google Glass, but don't intend on using it:

I haven't received an invite as of yet, and I would like to either:

a) receive an extended invitation from you so that I may purchase one, OR
b) I would like to use your invite directly from Google to purchase.

I'm trying to avoid pressing individual "reply" buttons on specific posts, out of fear of being marked as a spammer, so I'm making this blanket posts that, hopefully, everyone will read.

If you're one of the people willing to assist, please reply to this post, so that we may exchange contact info.

Thanks to everyone in advanced!

Adrian C. Jackson

dmoney5573 says:

Please consider me as well if you can. Thank you all!

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dmoney5573 says:

Never mind I just received an invite and ordered!

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I have an invite that I will not be using

hiteshch says:

Please pass or extend invite to me hitesh at live. Thx

Uptownbx says:


CR6 says:

The price is ridiculous. Not worth it at should be closer to 599....which I'm sure it will be once it goes public.

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