Meta Quest picks up a 'Travel Mode' for in-flight VR content and entertainment

An example of a Meta Quest 3 using Travel Mode and viewing three panels.
(Image credit: Meta)

What you need to know

  • Meta announced the launch of "Travel Mode" for the Quest 2 and Quest 3.
  • Travel Mode is designed to give VR users a chance to enjoy entertainment, games, mediation apps, and more while in-flight.
  • Meta also announced its pilot program with Lufthansa, which will give Business Class Suite customers an array of unique content with the Quest 3.

Meta announces a new feature for its Quest devices that might make airline travel a little more enjoyable.

According to a press release, Meta's CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated that a "Travel Mode" is on its way to the Quest 2 and Quest 3 VR headsets. In an accompanying blog post, the new mode turns the headsets into the "ultimate in-flight entertainment device." If Wi-Fi is available for everyone, Meta states the Quest should prompt you to join it while automatically launching its browser to begin browsing and watching videos.

Meta adds that this Travel Mode should give some folks a more comfortable time getting work done as it creates a private space. Games, meditation apps, and more will become available, as well.

The post adds that both VR headsets utilize a new Meta algorithm for Travel Mode that helps keep what you see stable. More importantly, a user's VR viewing pleasure should remain consistent even when gazing out the window.

The Quest 2 and Quest 3's Travel Mode is an opt-in feature. To do so, Meta states users need to hop into Settings > Experimental features to get started. Users must restart their Quest after opting into the experimental features. Then, the Travel Mode will appear as a toggleable option in Quick Settings.

Meta states that both headsets should begin to sense when the user is on a plane automatically and offer to launch Travel Mode. The company plans to add support for trains in the future.

The other side of this Meta Quest update is the company's pilot program with Lufthansa. Both companies are preparing to outfit a "select number" of flights packed with Lufthansa Allegris Business Class Suite customers. The goal is to offer a range of "custom" MR content that spans entertainment, travel, wellness, games, and more.

Meta states that all of this is optimized and should work well with the Quest 3's Travel Mode capabilities.

Meta and Lufthansa explain that Business Class Suite customers will soon find an "immersive" cinema experience through the Quest 3 for movies and TV shows. Podcasts should also become more immersive as the device's VR capabilities and spatial video, alongside "select" 360-degree video content. Additionally, features and content are as follows:

  • Discover travel destinations from a bird’s-eye view with virtual sightseeing previews before you arrive
  • Play interactive games like Connect Four and Chess
  • Relax with active meditation exercises or enjoy a passive, lean-back experience
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  • Mooncatt
    Oh come on, they are missing a golden opportunity. They need to install cameras on the outside of the plane that can have the feed stitched together into a 360° video that passengers can watch. I've been doing something like this lately in flight simming, and it's pretty cool once you get over the slight disorienting effect of being high up with nothing under your feet. Lol