Google Maps gets redesigned bottom bar with a 'You' tab for your trips

Google Maps navigation
(Image credit: Harish Jonnalagadda / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google Maps is starting to roll out an update for Android that revamps its bottom UI nav bar.
  • Users will find simplicity as the bottom bar features an Explore, You, and Contribute tab.
  • The "You" tab houses features like Go (Saved Trips), Saved, and Updates alongside a notification panel and business messages icon.

Another update in the spirit of simplicity is rolling out for Google Maps, which will change the bottom UI nav bar.

As spotted by 9to5Google, the bottom bar of the Maps app is picking up a change that reduces the available options to Explore, You, and Contribute. The "You" tab contains most of the changes whereas the other two remain the same. The new tab features options like Go (Saved Trips), Saved, and Updates.

The update also seems to feature some other UI changes, as version 11.127.x of Maps removes the search bar from the new You tab. Additionally, there are two new icons: a bell and chat bubbles. The former will house all of a user's Maps notifications while the latter is for business messages.

Google Maps is pushing a redesigned bottom nav bar to Android users.

(Image credit: 9to5Google)

Android users are beginning to receive these Maps changes, however, it's quite slow. The publication highlighted a user reporting the update on their device, which means Google is still pushing it to more devices.

We might not see it today (May 17), so keep an eye on it next week and beyond.

Google held its main I/O 2024 keynote a few days ago, and the discussions were high on AI. Among the talks were details about what's to come for Maps, which involves geospatial AR advancements for the app on Android. The app is preparing to pick up an "AR experiences" button in Maps for supported cities. Interacting with it will allow users to "simulate" their presence in another city. The functionality was said to extend to Street View in Maps, as well.

Shortly before I/O, Maps started rolling out a polished experience for EV drivers. The app debuted a "charging station" filter after a user selects their vehicle type in settings. Doing so will produce an array of available stations in your area, alongside details like charging speed and location.

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