Galaxy Z Flip 6 rumored to feature a less noticeable screen crease

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 folding display crease
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What you need to know

  • A report alleged that Samsung is interested in increasing the thickness of the Flip 6's UTG (ultra-thin glass) to help reduce the appearance of its screen crease.
  • In doing so, rumors suggest this would aid in the device's display durability.
  • The report adds that Samsung could continue this trend for the Flip 7, by increasing its UTG thickness even more and developing a new hinge to support it.

A rumor is floating around Samsung's upcoming clamshell foldable, which could solve the annoying side of these unique devices.

According to TheElec (Korean), Samsung is allegedly planning to increase the thickness of the UTG (Ultra Thin Glass) on the Galaxy Z Flip 6 (via SamMobile). Reportedly, the thickness will increase to about 50 micro centimeters, up from 30 on the Flip 5. It's suggested that this could reduce how defined the device's screen crease will appear.

Additionally, increasing the thickness of the Flip 6's UTG could also aid in the display's durability.

The report adds that Samsung may stick with the same waterdrop-style hinge that it used on the Flip 5 for the Flip 6. The company previously tested the hinge to withstand almost 200,000 folds, and the hardware was designed to help cut back on the dreaded screen crease.

However, the Korean publication states a redesigned hinge and UTG could arrive for the Galaxy Z Flip 7 in 2025.

It's said that the new UTG for the Flip 7 could become "even thicker" to reduce the appearance of the screen crease even further. To do this, Samsung will supposedly need to revamp the clamshell's hinge structure to support how thick the UTG will become. Samsung will likely upgrade its waterdrop-style hinge, but we'll have to wait and see to know for certain.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 display outdoors

(Image credit: Derrek Lee / Android Central)

With improvements rumored for the internal display, previous rumors suggest its cover display could get some, too. In March, there was speculation that Samsung could boost the Flip 6's cover display refresh rate to 120Hz. A little more memory could arrive, with rumors suggesting 12GB of RAM.

Elsewhere, the Flip 6 was rumored to feature a larger battery array, which could total 4,00mAh.The following theories don't excite us, as the device could still sport the same boring 25W charging speeds as its 2023 predecessor.

Samsung is expected to drop its next wave of foldables and other devices later this year. It's currently suspected that the company could do so even earlier this year on July 10 in Paris, France.

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  • ogman
    No thanks. The Flip 5 screens are frequently defective and Samsung is using any excuse to deny the defect. Owners are paying insurance deductibles for manufacturing defects. Samsung doesn't care about quality or their customers.
  • wallyac77
    AC News said:
    The Galaxy Z Flip 6 is rumored to feature less of a screen crease thanks to Samsung's display changes.

    Galaxy Z Flip 6 rumored to feature a less noticeable screen crease : Read more
    My question has always been why someone would buy the Z flip when it has had and continues to have these screen issues, just get a regular phone with a better screen for less money.