Best Motorola Edge cases Android Central 2021

The upper-tier Motorola Edge (2021) boasts impressive hardware in an unimpressive plastic shell. You may want to rock your affordable flagship in the nude but that's pretty unsafe and likely to end badly. Revamp your phone's generic look by getting one of the best Motorola Edge cases from our selection.

Motorola Edge 2021 Ntzw Heavy Duty Shockproof Case Reco

A dash of color: NTZW Heavy Duty Shockproof Case for Motorola Edge 2021

Staff Pick

NTZW's protective case offers heavy-duty protection and its textured rubber back offers good grip. You can get this practical number in one of five shades but we're fans of the burgundy option in particular.

$13 at Amazon
Motorola Edge 2021 Spigen Rugged Armor Reco

Sensible choice: Spigen Rugged Armor Designed for Motorola Edge (2021)

There's no going wrong with big-name brands like Spigen. Encase your Motorola Edge in the reliable Spigen Rugged Armor with a no-nonsense matte black finish.

Motorola Edge 2021 Osophter Clear Case Reco

Clear as day: Osophter Clear Case for Moto Edge 2021

Osophter makes some fantastic clear covers, including this bare-bones case for the Motorola Edge. If you find the fully transparent look exhausting, you can opt for a clear case with lace-inspired patterns or some flowers on it.

From $8 at Amazon
Motorola Edge 2021 Soios Rugged Cover Reco

Tough as they get: SOiOS Built in Screen Protector Rugged Phone Cover

Besides being tough as nails, this SOiOS Rugged Phone Cover features a built-in kickstand and screen protector. It also comes in seven colors, including funky tones like bright purple and hot pink.

$18 at Amazon
Motorola Edge 2021 Uag Scout Series Case Reco

Combat ready: UAG Scout Series Moto Edge 2021 Case

Gawdy, chunky, rugged phone covers aren't for everyone and you can't exactly walk into a business meeting with one. If you want to protect your phone without going all out, you can trust the UAG Scout Series Case to defend your Motorola Edge valiantly.

Motorola Edge 2021 Makavo Case Stand Reco

Value buy: MAKAVO Motorola Edge 2021 Case with Stand

MAKAVO's Motorola Edge 2021 Case bundles convenience in a matte silicone package that feels smooth to the touch. There's also ring attached on the back, which makes it easier to hold your phone and doubles as a stand.

$10 at Amazon
Motorola Edge 2021 Foluu Folio Cover Wallet Case Reco

The one with the folio: Foluu Folio Cover Wallet Case for Motorola Edge (2021)

This list would be incomplete without a folio cover that can assume multiple roles. You can spruce up your plain Moto Edge and eliminate the need to carry a wallet with this Folio Cover Wallet Case. It includes three card slots and a cash slot.

$11 at Amazon

Give your phone an Edge

Bland, plasticky phones are almost unforgivable in today's cut-throat market. Competition is really tough and even the cheapest Android phones make laborous efforts to impress with their looks. Avert your gaze from the boring design of your Motorola Edge (2021) by dressing it up in a fancy new case. Our top pick is the NTZW Heavy Duty Shockproof Case in burgundy. It looks fabulous without drawing too much attention and offers plenty of protection.

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MAKAVO's Motorola Edge Case is another great choice and will surely spruce up your Motorola phone. We love its functionality and soft matte finish with splashes of color here and there. It's fun, perky, and useful all at once. If you're not a fan of the green and orange theme, you can go for the black or blue options, which are shades that are likely to suit most people.

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