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Motorola Edge 2021 Back
Motorola Edge 2021 Back (Image credit: Nick Sutrich / Android Central)

The upper-tier Motorola Edge (2021) boasts impressive hardware in an unimpressive plastic shell. You may want to rock your affordable flagship in the nude but that's pretty unsafe and likely to end badly. Revamp your phone's generic look by getting one of the best Motorola Edge cases from our selection.

Give your phone an Edge

Bland, plasticky phones are almost unforgivable in today's cut-throat market. Competition is really tough and even the cheapest Android phones make laborous efforts to impress with their looks. Avert your gaze from the boring design of your Motorola Edge (2021) by dressing it up in a fancy new case. Our top pick is the NTZW Heavy Duty Shockproof Case in burgundy. It looks fabulous without drawing too much attention and offers plenty of protection.

MAKAVO's Motorola Edge Case is another great choice and will surely spruce up your Motorola phone. We love its functionality and soft matte finish with splashes of color here and there. It's fun, perky, and useful all at once. If you're not a fan of the green and orange theme, you can go for the black or blue options, which are shades that are likely to suit most people.

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