Best Motorola Edge and Edge Plus cases 2024

The upper-tier Motorola Edge+ (2023) boasts impressive hardware in a sleek, long body. You may want to rock your mid-range flagship in the nude but that's pretty unsafe and likely to end badly. Revamp your phone's generic look by getting one of the best Motorola Edge+ cases from our selection.

These are the best Motorola Edge+ (2023) cases you can buy

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Give your phone an Edge

Although the Edge+ (2023) has loads of neat tricks up its sleeves, the exterior of the device doesn't reflect that. You'd think a phone as cool as this that comes with features like Horizon Lock and a 6.67-inch 165Hz display would have a distinct design, but you'd be wrong.

Bland, plasticky phones are almost unforgivable in today's cut-throat market. Competition is really tough and even the cheapest Android phones make laborious efforts to impress with their looks. Avert your gaze from the boring design of your Motorola Edge+ (2023) by dressing it up in a fancy new case. Our top pick is Motorola's very own Soft Protective Case for the Edge+ (2023). It looks fabulous without drawing too much attention and offers plenty of protection.

Poetic's Revolution series is another great choice and will surely spruce up your Motorola phone. If you really want something bold and built like a tank, the Poetic Revolution case for the Motorola Edge+ (2023) is both functional and perky, with a mix of plain and funky shades to choose from and built-in features like a screen protector and kickstand.

Best Motorola Edge (2022) cases

The display of the more recent Motorola Edge (2022) is 0.2 inches smaller than its predecessor, which means that you can't reuse your Moto Edge (2021)'s cases if you have just upgraded. Don't worry because there is a slew of robust phone covers available for both models. From slim and trim cases to thickly-built rugged covers, you can get some of the best protection for your Moto Edge.

Grab the best protective Motorola Edge (2022) cases

Choose the right case for your Moto Edge (2022)

Your best option for a solid Motorola Edge (2022) case is impact resistant case from Motorola itself. This smooth first-party cover comes in some breathtaking shades and features a soft microfiber lining inside to keep your Moto Edge in pristine condition.

If you want something that adds an insane level of drop protection, UAG is your go-to pick. The Scout series heavy-duty cover bulks up your Edge (2022) a little, but the price is worth paying for the military-grade endurance you get in return.

Speck takes the concept of guarding your phone even further by giving its sweet ImpactHero case the anti-microbial treatment. It's lean, it's mean, and it can kill germs. The Speck ImpactHero cover has a fantastic texture with impressive grip. You can drop your Motorola from as high as eight feet and it'll still be okay in this cover from Speck.

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