Android's Quick Share tipped to gain useful, faster sharing option

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What you need to know

  • The latest Google Play Service beta's code contained details about a new, speedier option for sending files in Quick Share.
  • It seems the feature is primed to pick up a QR code option, which will reportedly "speed up" the communication process between devices.
  • Google rebranded Nearby Share to Quick Share in January, and its CES 2024 appearance showed its new updates.

Quick Share lets users easily send files to one another and it looks like the feature is in line for a new feature to make things faster.

As spotted by AssembleDebug (Android Authority), Android's Quick Share is preparing to roll out a QR code function. In version 24.20.13 of the Google Play Services beta, the QR option will reportedly give users an alternative way to establish a "connection" with another person. After Bluetooth and Location permissions are accepted, users can generate a code for your files.

The tipster states this can be done by selecting your files, tapping Quick Share in the menu, and hitting "Share with QR code."

Supposedly, the early sighting shows that the QR code will remove the necessity behind altering your Quick Share privacy settings. Moreover, the QR code can "speed up" the process between two devices preparing to share and receive.

An example of what Quick Share's new QR code option could look like.

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The tipster adds that the QR code creates a nearby deep link URL, which is the catalyst behind the established connection for sharing. For Android, this seems to work seamlessly without a hitch. However, it was discovered that attempting to do the same with an iPhone user will toss them to the Quick Share support page.

Google started its Nearby Share rebrand to Quick Share in January. The company wanted to create interoperability for users for a better sharing experience. While the name is similar to Samsung's, Google's version is integrated with its Play Services. This allows the quick sharing method to be transferred to all Android phones, regardless of maker.

More importantly, Quick Share's CES 2024 appearance showed off its new peer-to-peer sharing protocol for Android and ChromeOS devices. The company also teased its plans to work with PC manufacturers for Quick Share support to computers through pre-installed apps.

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    Now if they would remove the useless Bluetooth requirement when on the same network so I could use it with my PC.