Google's Nearby Share rebranding starts to pop up on a few Android phones

Comparing the Google Pixel 8 Pro to the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
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What you need to know

  • Samsung and Google have been gearing up for the launch of the revamped Quick Share feature since CES 2024.
  • The new Quick Share is designed for interoperability, allowing users to share files seamlessly with any Android device.
  • While the change hasn't reached all devices yet, the current development suggests a broader rollout should take place soon.

Google and Samsung joined forces at CES 2024 to upgrade and rename Android's longstanding file-sharing service into Quick Share, which is now appearing on a number of Android devices.

Mishaal Rahman notes on X (formerly Twitter) that Quick Share is popping up on Pixel devices, and users with Samsung and OnePlus devices are chiming in with screenshots in response to Rahman's post (via 9to5Google).

Since CES 2024, Samsung and Google have been getting ready to launch the new Quick Share feature. While they initially didn't give a specific arrival date for Android users, it seems the rollout is gaining momentum now.

The update includes not only a new name but also a fresh logo consisting of two arrows facing each other and a blue background. This highlights the action of quickly sharing files with nearby people, shifting focus from just the proximity aspect.

The fresh Quick Share branding has taken over the spots where Nearby Share used to be found. Samsung is even throwing in a banner to rub it in when you first fire it up, just in case you missed the memo about the rebranding.

Quick Share's now making its way to Pixel phones, but it's not a copy-paste job from Samsung's version. Mishaal Rahman explains that Google's Quick Share is integrated into Play Services, allowing it to reach all supported Android phones, unlike Samsung's standalone Quick Share app.

Additionally, Samsung's Quick Share is exclusive to Galaxy devices, but it's getting a makeover to play nice with Google's version. Google's Quick Share is also designed to work with all Nearby Share-enabled devices, so any Android phone brand can access it.

To keep things tidy, Google is pulling the plug on Nearby Share for compatible Samsung phones. So, users will spot just one Quick Share option on their phones, no matter the brand.

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