One X or G Nex?

As requested by AC reader spagmuff, tonights poll is simple -- if you had the choice, would you pick the HTC One X or the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. We're not concerned about availability or any real-world issues, we just want to know which phone you think is the best. Makes this post pretty easy to write, but it's not so easy to make the decision. 

Here's what I think, (but don't let this influence you). The One X is freaking beautiful. Even Sense 4 looks intriguing, and things like the new camera setup and Beats audio are icing on the cake. I pestered Phil with questions about it the whole time he was reviewing it -- it's amazing he got any work done with my constant interruptions. But, if I could only choose one, I'd have to choose the Galaxy Nexus. I have to support the Nexus model of unfettered and unlocked hardware, because I think it's the right thing to do. Add in the fact that the Galaxy Nexus is still one hell of a device, and I have no problem saying it's the best phone for me.

Now let's hear from you guys. The poll is below, and sound off in the comments.


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Late-night poll: HTC One X or Samsung Galaxy Nexus?


I am voting Galaxy Nexus as I recently got one and love it. I don't care much for Sense roms. I used to have the EVO 4G and the only part of sense I liked was the lock screens.

That comment made me snort!
That said (and coffee cleaned off monitor), The note is too big as a PHONE. Heck, I'm ready to go to an EVO Design with 4 inch screen because 4.7 inches is a big PHONE!
I love Sense ROMs (Shout out to MikMik!)I like my OG EVO.

While I do envy the camera and the speakers(anything is better then the one of the Gnex), the Gnex offers more customization. Which is why I like Android :D

Plus it'll probably get a 5.0 ROM faster then the One series.

Not officially. The unlocked GSM version is. And rooted/unlocked LTE versions are. Not the Locked Stock LTE version. :(

I have to agree with Jerry on this one: Nexus phones keep it real. I have never owned a non-Nexus device, because I believe Nexi are the only actual Android phones on the market. I plan to maintain these buying habits.

I had a lot awesome and neat phones by now - but I always loved the Nexus phones the much just because the customization options are absolutely stellar and quite frankly insane. And from what it seems, people have just begun tapping into creative new ways to use for example the navigation bar on the GNex or, in fact, not use it at all. I am sure the One X is a great device, but the GNex wins by just being able to exactly be what I want it to be. ;)

Galaxy Nexus for sure. Does anyone know the name of the app that has the calendar widget pictured on the Galaxy Nexus above?

My biggest beefs with the OneX are thus:
(1) The camera protrudes too far (and I'm sure a case would solve that)
(2) My carrier doesn't have it (they'll be getting the S or V later, depending on which website you look at)

So I guess since I can't get it I'll have to vote Gnex. If they both were available I'd have to do a hands on, but likely stay with Gnex just because of the long-term support.

I've always found the Sense UI and features to be more productive than stock Android. Plus, the 1X has a smoking camera. So I'll have to vote for the 1X.

But I'll be buying the 1S because the 1X is too big for my liking.

Depends on if One X gets Cyanogenmod. I mean a Nexus phone is practically guaranteed to get CM support and I would love to see stock android on One X hardware...

The photo above giving me a kinda good vs. bad, light vs. dark vibe. The Nexus would definitely be Darth Vader's choice.

I think this poll should be done after the One X has been out for a month or so. All we are going on is what phone reviewers say.

That being said, I would go with the Nexus. Sometimes adding things to the phones software can be good, but I think simple (un-skinned Nexus) is better. What ever Sense does, there is probably a free app in the market that can do it better.

The One X really makes me hope that HTC gets another crack at a Nexus. tbh it's a tough decision, but for flexibility and having a much longer expected "lifespan" as far as software updates go I'd take the Nexus.

If the HTC had either a huge freaking battery like the Maxx does, or had a replaceable one so I could get a huge freaking battery of my own, it would get my vote.
Now, I use a Gnex but I think moto made a statement with the Maxx. I understand that hardware development cycles can be long, but I hope to see the trend of large batteries develop. Why, a big battery would have kept that camera from sticking out like a wart where it could be injured so easily.

You mean like "function" over "form"? Nah, we live in the PIW (post iPhone world) now and it doesn't matter what you sacrifice as long as it's "Ooh shinies".

I do agree with you 100% though. Since I actually USE my devices for productivity and not to lay on the table in front of me like a trophy, "thinnest is not a "spec" I will ever care about.

I'd take the One X. The GNex just never clicked with me for some reason. I'll be looking between the GS3 and the One X this summer.

Sticking with ICS as it is found on the Gnex. The hardware on the HTC one is probably better if it has quad core, but their implementation of the Halo theme is hardly visible. Instead it looks like it is full of green, white backgrounds, and that awful brown on the home screen(perhaps that can be changed).

This phone has buttons.....Not for me..anymore...and as a result has a poor implementation of the menu function.

I wish they would have left the ICS theme on the phone and then had Sense simply add additional functionality. I would consider it then, but not with this current look.

Im kinda torn here but i currenly have a Nexus S 4G which i love. I am gonna upgrade to the GNex cause i really dont like sense. I like pure android more..

Both phones can be rooted. But rooting the Nexus won't give it a better screen,camera,processor, or build quality. HTC One X will get Vanilla ICS, not that it should be considered a major release as even Google has completely failed in pushing this version to any phone other than Nexus which is only on 1 carrier. Its over 4 months old already and nobody has it.

I'm not a ROM'er so I think the Galaxy nexus is wasted on me. The OneX has better spec. looks sexy and it'd be roughly the same price, so id have to say the One X :). Though I do prefer the app drawer and the touch screen buttons (especially the blue glow when pressed) on the Gnex :)

Ask me again on Wednesday after the Sprint/HTC announcement. But I did pick the One X based simply on the camera.

Expect the Galaxy Nexus and that LG LTE phone to be announced along side an official LTE network launch.

Sprint could possibly also announce a slightly modded HTC One XL as the new Evo or they might wait another month.

I'd go for the X. The three major Advantages of the G'Nex over the X are the straight-from-Google stock Android updates, on-screen soft buttons, and the removable battery. The One X definitely outclasses the G'Nex in hardware. The X's disadvantage with OS updates can be remedied once they get it unlocked and ready to go for ROMing.

Personally, I can't stand that the newer gear is omitting microSD card slots. I'm holding on to my Photon 4G until a device like the One X hits with a Cortex A15 based SOC, removable battery, and a microSD card slot. nVidia's next Tegra should pack quad A15s + an A7 companion core and an Icera softmodem (which is going to open up a whole new world of awesome).

Crossing my fingers.

I chose the nexus in your poll and real life for the same reasin you did. Pure vanilla Android and let me do with it what i will. Every time unaltered is the best.

I gotta hard time hearing all these one x votes on android central!... I mean, I like the one dude said. Nexus n vanilla is android. I'm there for life til something compares on the lines of the nexus one. Hard hard system change. Shock us. With nothing missing.,,, till then the android that gets the updates first n fastest is king. Hence gnex and xoom atm.

I have had nothing but bad luck with HTC phones... Always had hardware failures with corresponding bad service. As much as the HTC looks good on paper, I'll never buy one again. On the other hand, I've had both the Nexus S, and the Galaxy Nexus... Both of those phones have given me joy. Easy pick.

I applaud HTC and the X and upcoming EVO 2 on sprint. I had the EVO4G and EVO 3D now i own the BEST stock device on the planet in my Gnex.

I think the one X is the better phone in almost every way, but I cannot imagine not having a replaceable battery after getting used to the spare battery and standalone charger with my gnex, and and that's a deal breaker.

SGN, and for the exact reasons you've mentioned. My Android handsets have been: T-mobile G1, Nexus One, Nexus S. Why would I stray from the pure deliciousness of Android without modification? I can't stand Blur, let alone Sense. Add in the beauty of ICS and it's a very easy decision.

Loved my Dinc...Love my Nexus...Only negative for me after updating radios etc is still spotty signal with the nexus.

If the Nexus said HTC on the back or Motorola I would be in heaven beause of their strong radios, but my battery life and simple enjoyment of the nexus is great.

My dinc was a Gnex is my entertainment device. Pics I take are fine for me with the Gnex.

I don't want Beats on a device. Poweramp FTW...
Removing sense (which actually made the adaptation to android much easier for me) made my device run so much smoother. It was/ is too bloated.

I'm sorry but in the Real World the Galaxy Nexus is not " one hell of a device ". I may prefer a Nexus device and stock Vanilla Android but not coupled with Samsung's hardware.

HTC ONE X. Any day!!! Simply better hardware. And I only have one more upgrade with sprint as a premium customer!! So I got to be sure my next phone will hang on for the following 2 years.

The vote should also have included a "neither" option as my phone would have to have a card slot, removable battery, beautiful large screen and FM radio

Hang on - I've just described the Galaxy Note!

Tough call. On one hand you have the X, which has too small a battery with no way to replace it. On the other hand you have the Nexus, which allows you to expand your power options but only gives you 16gb of memory. Both devices are fundementally flawed IMHO. So, my vote must go to the Galaxy S2. A year later, and still the best Android device on the market.

Right. Both are fundamentally flawed. Why can't a manufacturer address all of these issues in a single device. There is always one or two - "Damn, if it only..."

If it's not on Verizon it's not worth a look to me. So Nexus gets my vote. The community for Nexus devices is amazing!

The GNex is a fun phone to have but I miss HTC after being with Sammy for 4 months. That said, I must have a removable battery and would still go for the Nexus between these two. Yes, you can charge your phone at home, at work, in the car, in a friends car, even in a taxi if the driver is cool but in between those moments you don't always have time to plug in and I'd much rather carry around a spare battery then my cords to plug in.

HTC also needs to get away from these protruding camera's. I loved my DInc and picked up an Otterbox case just to protect the lens. The bulk of the case wasn't bad considering the size of that phone but now that phones are getting bigger, I don't want to add that much more mass to it.

If you asked this about 6 months ago it would be Gnex.....but as with all Tech, the moment its released theres something bigger and better getting released the next week. So as it stands today the One X is/will be the best android device available......until the next phone comes out, and then the cycle will continue.

But for me, I'm getting the Evo One..

Agree. I said this yesterday: By the time the Galaxy Nexus makes its way to Sprint, it will be at least a 6 month old phone. So while you are (in theory) getting the latest Anroid builds, you are putting those builds into a 6 month old hardware.

Yep, and if the rumored release date of the One X on Sprint is true it will be a couple months old by then as well and the Galaxy S 3 will be on everyone's mind. Sprint is always late to the show it seems. Although they were pretty good for the US carriers when it came to the galaxy s 2. That means if you want the most current phone available on Sprint you will probably have to wait until the galaxy s 3 otherwise you will be using a phone that is months old.

Unless I'm wrong, neither has a removeable memory card or removeable battery.
Waiting for the next attempt from HTC.

worwig... the Galaxy Nexus has a removable battery and with the new 4.0.4 update it lasts 40-60% more. It is awesome. Kudos to Google for an incredible update.

I'm a current nexus s 4g owner and don't have time at this point in my life to root. so... before this ics fiasco, I would've for sure said gnex. now I'm not so sure it will get jb that much sooner than the one x. have to lean towards one x...

Galaxy Nexus with the 4.0.4 update blows away every other phone in existence, Where should I start... Android 4.0.4 on Galaxy Nexus is...faster, buttery smooth, camera has improved 1000x over 4.0.2, battery lasts 40-60% more... all in all Galaxy Nexus with 4.0.4 is a NEW phone and it blows away every other phone.

Ya, but that's just a software update. Who's to say the HTC can't do the same. I think the underlying hardware is what's to be argued (and some soft features like lockability). But any of the changes the GN got in 4.0.4 they HTC can get as well.

If the One X had a removeable battery and microSD card slot, I'd buy it. As it stands, I will not choose either phone.

I have a GN - so I'm biased. Yes, I pick the Nexus. Why? Coming from a Droid X w/ a locked bootloader, I realized how much better the dev scene was with the Nexus. It's unreal to see how much dev support there is for this phone. And since Nexi phones get updates first and foremost, I am always first in line to get my updates (even being on VZ's communist network).

I voted Nexus. I had an EVO 4G and only remember it fondly with CM7 running on it. Not a fan of Sense in general, and stock ICS has left me little desire with root and install other ROMs on my Verizon G-Nex.

I've had a cell phone in my hands since the original Motorola flip phone days. I've had a few Samsung phones, and a few HTC phones. If everything else is roughly the same, I'll take an HTC over a Samsung any day. The only reason I have replaced my old HTC phones is because the hardware eventually gets outdated, but the phones themselves still work beautifully. My Samsung phones, however, died miserable deaths. Also, like someone said earlier, you can root and rom either phone easily, but better hardware is simply better hardware...and in this comparison HTC simply has better hardware.

After living with the Thunderbolt for a year and the LG Nitro for a weekend, I will never purchase a phone without a proper Notification LED again, no matter how good it is.

Don't they both have notification lights? The one X behind the grill and the gnex at the bottom in the center behind the glass?

Notwithstanding the nice features of the HTC phone and Sense 4, HTC's have just had too many hardware (ie, antenna and reception) problems to get my vote.

My vote is for the Galaxy Nexus because it is a true Android device, not a Sense device running on the Android kernel. Since HTC hates Android so much they have to change the look and feel of every corner they can, I've written off HTC as an alternative when the need comes for a new device.

if your argument is based on Gingerbread senses, yes that's true, and that's because GB was really ugly.
if it's based on Sense 4, you're wrong

I have to say I own the original EVO4G and the hardware on that phone has served me well for the last 2 years - no one else was or is really putting 8MP camera's on their phone. The screen size two years ago is where screens are today, and I have run every flavor of Android on it (even ICS right now) So for the money the phone has had the muscle and staying power to keep current. But I have gone through 3 devices also (which seems to be pretty standard of my HTC device history). On the other hand waiting for sw updates for the EVO was always a bit painful (but maybe that is where patience should have been my virtue). However the lack of any super solid and 100% fully functional ICS ROM's has left me in the dark (no working front cam, and back cam is glitchy on ICS). I think the nature of the GNex will help alleviate any lag or lack of future ROM support for a good while at least. However dropping back to a 5MP camera may suck, but the removable battery is a must for me and if I really want Beats on my GNex, there are ROMs and .zips for that out there. Neither is a perfect option, but both are great options. For me I am going to jump ship from HTC for a bit and give the Gnex a shot. However I am fairly confident that the One X will still be a work horse 24 months from now and capable of keeping up w/ anything out there at that time. I don't think you could go wrong with either of them.

GNex. For one reason only: when I have menu options, they don't produce a bar with a single button in the middle on screen. There's a reason ICS was designed with soft/flexible buttons in mind.

I'm on the fence here. I've had the EVO 4G and now the EVO 3D. Sense SUCKS!!!! For that reason alone I want the GN. Also, HTC's locked bootloaders SUCK!!!! Yes you can unlock them, but it's a hassle and they track you as a result. I want freedom over my phone and the GN is the only one that gives that. That said, from the previous reviews, the screen is nicer on the X and the overall size is much nicer. Then again, no removable battery SUCKS. I think it'll come down to having to play with both side by side to choose the right one.

HTC One X hands down! Newer and better hardware! [2]
I flash my phone whenever I want vanilla, so stock Android (the only plus) is not a plus for me

I voted Galaxy Nexus because customization and modifying the OS are important to me.

However, I would definitely recommend the One X to any prospective family member or friend asking my advice on a new phone. It's a beautiful device with very nice internals. Sense 4 doesn't look terrible either (but I still prefer stock, even for the layman).

After owning a nexus device, I doubt I could ever go back to a skinned OS. I've also already upgraded my battery, which gives me a spare to carry around if I need it. Plus I'm in love with Verizon's network in Phoenix - it can't be beat here.

And why has no one mentioned NFC? Is that supported on the HTC? I know it's not huge yet, but I'm using it and I'm looking forward to any improvements that are made in this area.

But neither of these phones have SD card slots, so that's kind of moot here.

Oh, and the hardware buttons. Don't want them anymore. Just a personal preference.

It's a close call. If the One X had a removable battery it would be an easier choice. In the end I'll take the One X, but why not a removable battery HTC?

Neither has both are fail.

But at least the One has hardware NAV buttons and a much better camera. So I voted HTC.

It's a tough choice.. The X has my name :), an excellent screen, and a T3. It's well designed,but
I really like the Gnex's design. The soft buttons, curve, minimalist look.. I'd have to vote for the Gnex

I have a EVO 4G and 3D and I really like HTC design. But I'm still not happy with HTC's "unlock" procedures. Looking forward to see the Sprint version of the One, but I'll have to see what else they have come this summer.

I like them both. It is going to be really hard for me to wait to see a One X on Sprint in June if the Galaxy Nexus is released in April though. That's assuming the supposed release dates turn out to be accurate.

Ease of modding (while keeping my warranty) vs all around better hardware is a tough choice.

I most likely will root whichever one I get & flash my own ROM, so probably doesn't matter that much, but my HTC Evo had been such a workhorse that it's hard to steer away from my experience with quality hardware. Not saying the Gnex isn't quality, just that my experience with HTC combined with Samsung's mixed reputation causes me to lean that way.

Voted for the htc one x b/c is has dedicated buttons instead of a software button setup. Also b/c it has a better camera I believe and it has tegra 3.

Personally I will never buy a phone made by Samsung and the whole Nexus thing for me is not important as I root my phones anyway. HTC has come through for me on my last four phones and the EVO One is solid on tech, I love the camera and have always liked Sense. Personally I never like vanilla Android and even my custom ROMs have Sense because it is useful to me in daily use.

Neither phone is perfect but since when has that been a standard that exsts in the real world (unless you're talking to an iOS fanboy)? EVO One is in my opinion the best thing being released this year so far. The camera with burst 99 shot mode alone has me over excited. PLEASE PLEASE HTC give us a great speaker this time and make sure the battery life is worth a damn since it's not removable.

Just my 2 cents...

i find it hard to make these polls knowing that 99.9% of the world don't have this phone. Only reviewers and bloggers have it, So how can you ask us "which one do we choose?" the One X can be just like every other Sense device once you load your apps on it..

im all about Roms and support.. if i can't root my phone and find roms (which i know it isn't going to be
at the first start) then i can't bother with the phone. I like the Galaxy Nexus because its pretty much no way i can 100% brick my device.. we can easily unlock the bootloader via fastboot, and rooting is 100% easy.. Plus the Galaxy Nexus will always get the latest updates first before HTC and others. But at the same time those hardware specs on the One X is just calling me.. But i love both of them.. so i will buy both.. ill use my One X as my main device for a few weeks then switch back n forth..

yeah , as for harware being better. cant u just accept that the nexus brands always semm to hang in the game of harware till the next one comes out. theres always something sweeter harware wise almost right after each nexus device comes out. but those phones never make the nexus,s a slouch. just live with the sweetest vanilla os,updates first,clean pure android the way it was supposed to be till the next one comes out and itll be king once again. it doesnt matter what harware comes out for these android phones. in the end its gonna be which is closest to the pure experience. so u choose harware over the very roots of the actuall thing we love the most. android os. we love android os better than we love the phones,id say.

Gnex just for the community behind it and the fact it's a nexus device. HTC wins in all other categories but I want my phone to do exactly what I want it to.

Galaxy Nexus for me. Overall the HTC is an awesome phone, but having tasted Vanilla ICS it would be nonsense to have Sense for me personally.
Now if this phone was available without sense (which I do like up to and including Sense 3.5), this would be a no brainer win for HTC