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'December birthday' bug in People app fixed in latest OTA

According to reports from the Android Central forums and XDA, Google's new Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 devices are currently being upgraded over-the-air to a new version of Android, ver. 4.2.1. We've not yet been able to confirm whether 4.2.1 is also hitting the Nexus 7 or Galaxy Nexus, but we're sure these devices will get this latest update soon if it's not already going out.

The update fixes the notorious "December birthday" bug, which prevented any date in the month of December from being selected as a birthday or anniversary in the People app. So far we haven't noticed any other differences in the new software, which carries the build number JOP40D.

On the Nexus 4, the radio firmware version is unchanged from 4.2, and the hidden option that enabled some to use LTE on band 4 still seems to be present in the latest software. We can't verify first-hand that this unadvertised feature still works, but it doesn't look like this update has done anything to disable it.

As is always the case with these over-the-air updates, not all devices will get the update immediately, and we'd expect it to take a few days before everyone is up-to-date on 4.2.1. Nevertheless, we'll keep this post updated with direct links to the OTA packages for advanced users who want to flash them directly.

Google OTA links:

Source: XDA (1, 2), Android Central forums (1, 2)

There are 49 comments

jenskristian says:

Just in time for my Nexus 4 which is waiting for me when I get home from work.

S_C_B says:

Congrats. I really enjoy mine.

Hope when this one come to Galaxy Nexus, they will fix the camera switch 'lag'.

thubalek says:

I can confirm 4.2.1 on my Nexus 7 bought in Czech Republic.

Alex Dobie says:

Thanks! How much storage? And Wifi-only or 3G?

Aule says:

I doubt there are 3G Nexuses7 in countries that doesn't have them in GP, so probably Wi-fi only Nexus7.

str0mma says:

I hope they have fixed those unwanted vibration notifications one gets even though notifications is set to never in an application.

inyrules says:

This. I can't stand having my phone buzz for each email. If I wanted my emails to vibrate, I would set is as such, but I do not, and Google is forcing us to have it.

str0mma says:

Totally agree! I have consider to pick up my old N1 until it fixed, really annoying!

Jleagle says:

I don't even have 4.2 yet on my Galaxy Nexus!

MrLadoodle says:

How comes? They started updating a couple weeks ago.

DaTommy123 says:

my GNex got its update only just yesterday in GB...

supa_dupa says:

People are forgetting that these are not real updates, but bug fixes...
4.2 - oh, we forgot December;
Wait, we have a new OS upadate...
4.2.1 - December is back, but we forgot November...
Wait, we have a new OS upadate... - fixed... - another bug fix...

Google, please stop marketing your bug fixes as "updates"...

bplewis24 says:

Yeah, because Quick Settings and Photosphere are just bug updates.

Wake up, troll.

Shadowriver says:

Use of number version depend on way how devlopment plan is set up. In case of android x.y.z

x - mega bug update (thru in case of 2.0 it was not so big)
y - major update
z - minor update or bug fixes (for example in 4.0.3 they made new API changes creating new API level)

Fred Milkman says:

What about miracast support on nexus 10 ?

kenyee says:

They already said no Miracast support for Nexus7/10 :-P
It's only on the Nexus4....

cyberspace says:

I hope, Nexus 7, does receive, {miracast}, in the near future.

I hear that it can be done; so I hope Google will give, 'We loyal, Nexus 7, Google supporters', a wonderful holiday gift, and allow us, as well as others, the wonderful, ability of, miracast; hopefully by Christmas.

We do hear that it can be done, if the wonderful Google software geniuses, do their magic, and Google is nice enough to allow it to be accomplished; I say Google will give us, (Google/Nexus 7), miracast.


DirkBelig says:

I hope this fixes the spontaneous rebooting and massive power drain that Google Play services is causing on my Nexus 7. Unbelievable that Google shoved such a bug-ridden and half-baked "update" out the door as they did.

miiike says:

Go into Google Currents and disable syncing.

MattS1984 says:

I've read this doesn't but I would like that too. I've been seeing the same thing. I killed Play Music which seems to have helped the battery issue. I'm not sure but Music seems to have some major issues, it works well but has too many side effects (this possible battery drain and documented issues on Revue).

MFR118 says:

Hope it fixes the Bluetooth issue. That's honestly my only complaint so far.

S_C_B says:

What Bluetooth issue? I've not run into one.

kenyee says:

Random pauses while playing bluetooth music...

And all the bluetooth low energy 4.0 3rd party libraries are broken but 4.2.x still has no BLE support so my new long lasting heart rate monitor is useless :-P

Kevin Bjorke says:

No. Right now my Galaxy Nexus has 4.2.1 and it STILL fails to connect properly to my car -- and then once it fails, this locks up the ENTIRE car (Mini/BMW) computer system -- it locks me out of the stereo, the GPS, everything, until I turn off the car (fun on the highway,a s you can imagine). And then -- unless I disconnect the phone call (even if I'm taking it on the phone earpiece, not the BT), I can't turn off the car at all! This is not just a bug, it's a public safety hazard IMO.

I thought it might be the car, but it works fine with my old Galaxy S2. It's Android.

Daryn Lowe says:

Why is there no link on the developers page? I would expect it to appear there before being pushed to devices.

Quick settings aren't so quick. Its then same amount of steps to turn on Bluetooth. Widgets are better than quick settings.

drhere says:

My phone rebooted again (Gnex) this morning, and the vibrate regardless if you have vibrate set to off; hopefully this resolves that.

pahern says:

Anyone else having the random rotation bug? I'm getting it on my Nexus 7, possibly only happens in Reader. Once in a while when reading in portrait mode it'll flip to landscape and then right back to portrait, and I didn't move the device at all.

Started after the 4.2 update, hopefully this will fix it.

gcole says:

I had this issue when I had Ultimate Rotation Control installed. After the 4.2 update I uninstalled URC and haven't had the issue since.

SAVJR says:

Stupid Verizon...we'll never see this (unless you root)

CZonin says:

Can we get a link to the wallpaper please?

hellomiggy says:


Shinsen says:

Ask and ye shall receive:

hellomiggy says:

Holy Snap, Crackle, and Pop!

Much Obliged good sir.

Any word about addressing the random freezes and restarts?

t-b says:

Just got my Nexus 7 8GB updated. Bought in the US.

Edit:...but then it's official now, isn't it...

I can confirm for my nexus 7 16gb here in the US. Just got home a bit ago and 4.2.1 fix was waiting for me.

cmoody1906 says:

I woke up and my 32g N7 had the update waiting for me, Im in Los Angeles California

LNWJ says:

Updated using the adb sideload method. Nothing really seems different that I can tell, aside from the aforementioned fixes.

reed420 says:

I can confirm that Nexus 7 has indeed received the 4.2.1 update in my area of the US. Myself and one of my friends just got the notification that the update was downloaded & ready to install about an hour or so ago. I live in SouthWestern Pennsylvania. I hope everyone else is getting their update also.

Cheers :-)

reed420 says:

There seems to be a bug, unless I'm a complete idiot (which is more than likely the case),with the keyboard when I'm typing in the chrome address bar there's not any at symbol but when I'm typing things elsewhere like in this comment box it is available. Anyone else notice this?

RealAndriod says:

already got 4.2.1 update on GNex in Australia!

jedluke says:

Just got mine on my GNex on T-mobile in NYC.

will i loose my root if i update my nexus 4

swolebiceps says:

Firstly you should get a good nandroid backup or backup all your apps.
Then get "OTA rookeeper" from the market and enable protection of root. Re-enable root after the upgrade.

Raji Birru says:

i just got 4.2.1 on my nexus 7 in the US!!

ShoomKloom says:

What about the 0 second out-going calls on Galaxy Nexus!?!
Since 4.2 I can't make out going calls on my phone!!!
Wake up Google!! Please fix this ASAP!!!

joe_black1 says:

How to update LG NEXUS 4 ...