Happy New Year from AndroidCentral.com

No top-10 lists. No retrospectives. No countdowns. Just a "Here's to the new year," and prepare for the Android onslaught in the months to come. Have a good one, and be safe, everybody.


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And so begins the Year of the Robot


Really? Okay, there may be some new Android phones coming out, but let's not forget the other platforms. The iPhone may just blow us away again, regardless of how many of you think Android is so superior. You love your backgrounding and open-source? Notice the iPhone doesn't have speed issues or viruses, you dolts. Actually, the Blackberry platform isn't terrible (not great either), everyone knows that WM blows, and well, I suppose WebOS is gaining some attention lately. Only the new year will tell.

I've got an Eris in my pocket, and don't get me wrong, I love Android (though I'm stuck on 1.5 for the time being), but you people can be so elitist sometimes. Step off your pedestals and take a walk on the dark side.

Anyways, happy new year, and let 2.1 reign supreme as soon as humanly (or robotically) possible!

The only one who seems to be stuck on a high horse here is you. In fact, your head must be high up your horses' ass if you think the IPhone doesn't have speed problems or viruses. Seriously, you must be smoking something serious or just a plain idiot to make a statement like that... The sheer stupidity of some people... Take a look around the web and see all of the problems the iphone has. Then come back and apologize.

Happy New Year

Dude.. Ur on an android forum.. Don't be an a*#!! I hate people that take the time to write a post just to talk crap about the platform that is supported on the site ur on.. If you like an IPhone so much.. Get one and waste ur life somewhere else. :)

Happy new year.

hello all android users, as a palm/webOs user, which I love, I have to say my wife just bought the samsung moment with android and she let me play with it a little. It seems to me that it's a great operating system. Makes me almost jealous but not quite. I have no doubt she's going to love it. ANYTHING BUT IPHONE!!!!!