Nexus 5

New hardware and software shown in the latest round of Nexus leaks

There's a new batch of Nexus pictures floating around today, showing what's purported to be the Nexus 5 from LG complete with plenty of looks at Android 4.4 KitKat

The images, taken in Italy and displayed on the Tutto Android website, show us a look at the lock screen, the home screen, and a look at the apps of the Nexus 5. Of course, this leads to speculation of exactly what we're seeing, and things like a Tap to Pay mode in the settings and transparent status and navigation bars have a lot of folks excited.

Just as interesting is some testimony from the leaker themselves. The Nexus 5 is said to be fast and smooth, with KitKat being a "lighter" version of the OS that helps in the performance department. Dual stereo speakers are acknowledged in the bottom portion of the device, and the camera is said to provide excellent image stabilization.

Combined with the rumors of a reveal next week, things should start getting exciting right about now. The changes and new hardware look pretty interesting, and we're hoping for an official announcement soon. As things stand now, the only people that really know anything are the people not saying anything.

Hit the break to see the rest of the images, and check out the source link for their take on what they are seeing.

Source: Tutto Android


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Alleged Nexus 5 images show Android 4.4 KitKat interface changes


Take my money. I already have a buyer for my Nexus 4 once the 5 is available for order.

Posted via Android Central App

I got a buyer too, i just havent nailed down a price. what are you asking for? whats a good price to sell my 16GB for? zero damage or use marks

My auction on eBay just ended and I sold my Nexus 4 with the wireless charging orb for $315.00 plus shipping. It's the 16GB model and is in mint condition.


I'd say $200 or best offer: no more than $250 and no less than $180. This time, last year, I bought the GPE GNex for $265.

Posted via Android Central App

The Nexus 4 price will drop a lot after the Nexus 5 is announced. Nobody will care about it in a little bit.

Posted via Android Central App

Seems weird someone would buy a Nexus 4 at close to $250-$300 when the Nexus 5 will be the same price. Unless of course you're selling it for like $150 or something. I can't believe how dumb some people are, LOL. Oh well, their loss I guess.

Yea, I picked one up during the inventory clearing sale, 16 gig for ~$275 (after tax/shipping/etc), but it was brand new. I wouldn't pay that much for a used one with the 5 very likely to come in at $300-$350.

You're definitely biting hard on the $299 rumor, for starters. Secondly, even once the N5 is announced you'll be able to sell a mint N4 for just a few bucks less. A)People are dumb B)Some people there's a big difference for even $25 more C) You can't touch the specs of an N4 for $250.

D) After Day 1, good luck getting one from Google Play for a bit, as the demand will overwhelm their servers and then they'll be on backorder for weeks.

Without a doubt, I will be buying a Nexus 5 (or Nexus 4 2013) as soon as it becomes available! BUT... that second to last pictures is very clearly photo shopped.. which leads me to doubt the credibility of the rest of the pictures.

Whether this turns out just to be a mock up or not, that UI and background both look very clean and gorgeous. GNex is hanging on for dear life, but I've been waiting for something worth replacing it with.

Did either of you two have a charging port issue? It's the only reason I ended up getting rid of mine...

Posted via Android Central App

I do - on occasion, I'll notice my GNex not charging after being plugged in. Even a wiggle doesn't help. I'll try another plug/cable and sometimes that will help, but, not consistently.

I'm ready for the Nexus 5 - or the Sammy S5.

yes, i had charging port issue. the popular fix of lifting the usb pin little upwards worked fine for me.

I have had with mine. Wasn't able to charge it at all. Then, a little later it charged some times, some times not. Then gradually becoming better and better over time. Now it charges fine.

Posted via Android Central App

Yes, my charging port went out 6months ago. I tried the usb pin "trick" and that worked for a day. Then I bought an all new port on ebay and installed it. Still no luck. Since February, I have bought a spare battery and have an external charger and swap the batteries out each day.
Cant wait for the nexus 5!

But thats how much I like my Gnex. I have kept it for months swapping out the battery each day waiting for the next nexus.

I loved my Gnex. That's one phone that I would of kept for 2 years if I hadn't dropped it off the top of kingda ka last year. I was so pissed and then I had to deal with a backup phone that was windows phone 7. Did not like that.

Yeah, my GNex stopped charging, and when I plugged the charger in, it immediately heated up to the point that it left a blister on my finger where I touched the metal. Verizon replaced it for me.

Wow, that's friggin hot, man. I would have never guessed a charging port could get that hot...

Posted via Android Central App

Both my kids had charge port problems with gnex haven't had no problem with n4!

Posted via Android Central App

No problems with my Gnex, but I want to upgrade to the next Nexus and buy it from Google instead of Verizon.

If the Nexus is available on Verizon...

If it is AND it's sold through the Google Play Store Verizon will probably get to keep me as a customer. If not then I just don't know.

Posted via Android Central App

It simply doesn't have the bands/frequencies to work on Verizon. Why are you guys still holding out hope lol. These things just don't sneak through the certification processes...

I would vote Moto X on verizon if you're not into rooting/flashing. Otherwise, G2 all the way.

The Gnex has been great to me. Other than the horrible battery it's been great. But at the same time, having skipped the N4, it's time for an upgrade!

The Galaxy Nexus can hardly be called a sh---- phone, especially when talking about the GSM model, which had drastically fewer issues than the CDMA variants.

Yeah same here really need a new phone since my power button has not worked for about two months now. Been getting by with a slide to wake/sleep app and never powering off lol.

Many, many ROMs allow you to set a nav target for screen off/power. Probably even some apps. I haven't used the power button very often since the gnex.

Looking really nice, further refining the look of JB. I would be OK if this was the approach they took for a while, no need to radically change a great thing.

Agreed, I think Android looks slick as it is and doesn't need a major visual overhaul, just some tweaking and maybe making some of the built-in apps more uniform with each other.

Definitely, there's tons of little things they could do to make the experience more uniform and cohesive across the OS. They need to keep building on what they have and Android users need to realize that the days of huge overhauls are probably over for a while, which most seem ok with.

Yes, but few of these are major overhauls, and most of them are to bring the Google apps in line with one another so that the UIs are unified.

That's exactly what they're doing with this. Every app will/should have that new UI that Google Now and Google Plus has.

Posted via Android Central App

Transparent notification bar, transparent Nav buttons, No messaging application (hangouts now) no gallery (google photos now) transparent app drawer, camera button on the bottom lock screen, and google now voice activation always on. Plus the new icons, (phone, google settings, etc) and lets not forget the new tap and pay feature built into the system UI. oh... almost forgot, the widgets are no longer in the app drawer. went back to old school hold and place from homescreen, oh one more thing, you can add and remove home screens now

But besides that still the same

I jest, I agree with you, if genuine, significant changes here which I will be looking forward too. Longing to see what 4.4 brings to the table.

For one, transparent buttons and status bar... A big plus. Two, new icon designs, much welcomed. Three, app drawer and dock are completely different. Four, probably much more- Im basing this off 2 screenshots.

Posted via Android Central App

For one, transparent buttons and status bar... A big plus. Two, new icon designs, much welcomed. Three, app drawer and dock are completely different. Four, probably much more- Im basing this off 2 screenshots.

Posted via Android Central App

The bubbles used on the home screen to indicate what page you're on are terrible. It reminds me of the childish TouchWiz look. The straight line is much more consistent with Android's design language, and it clearly separates the dock icons from the rest of the home screen. I will be using Nova Launcher if those bubbles don't GTFO.

I really like the new UI. More minimalistic, and colorful. #takethatapple

Posted from the old Google Nexus 7 via Android Central App

What I want to see is the ability to customize the activation word. Instead of "Okay Google," I want to wake my phone up with "Listen up, you little shit."

Haha that would be hilarious. If I ever hear someone say that in public, I'm going to be looking around for you, lol.

Posted via Android Central App

That would definitely be interesting, but I wonder how they would do that without the specialized low-power chip in the Moto X that does *only* that?

The snapdragon 800 that is said to come with the nexus 5 is supposed to be able to handle this with low battery consumption. People thought the motor X would have the snapdragon800 because of it

I would rather have Active Notifications, but understand that's not really reasonable since not all phones will have the right displays for it. Can't see myself in too many situations where I would need or want to talk to my phone directly unless I'm just showing someone that I can.

Download Dynamic Notifications (I think it's called that) in the Play Store. I had it one my HTC One and loved it until I got my Moto X which means I don't need the app anymore as the Moto X has active notifications already.

I had the same opinion for a long time. But now, Google Search is so good - and Google Now is so good, that I find myself using voice commands every single day.

For example, as I live in Copenhagen/Denmark, and Rio de Janeiro/Brazil (girlfriend), I tend to want to know the exchange rates.

Just saying "ok google, danish kroner to brazilian real" works really really well.

Just a small tiny example, but it really has made my life easier. It's amazing what Google Search now can do.

I'm getting really excited about the N5 - I really hope the always-listening core of the S800 is a reality.

Just the fact that you have a Brazilian girlfriend makes me jealous ;-)

Galaxy S3
Transformer Prime
Nexus 7

That's kinda ugly but nobody uses stock anyway. Launcher plus themed icons ftw

Posted via Android Central App

I've never heard of Axis. From the pictures, it appears to have a flat look, which I like. I'm using Vivid: the colors take great advantage of the Ips screen of my Nexus 4.

Posted via Android Central App

I almost did a *Right-Click* *Search Google for 'Vivid'* but then I realized doing that at work on a work computer might result in some issues. Going to the Play Store first...

Really liking the look of Vivid.

I hate this flat minimalist trend. It's just boring to me.

Yeah, I'll agree, the "flat, minimalist" look can be somewhat of an acquired taste.

Posted via Android Central App

Never got these minimalist look, but then again I also don't get how 'clean' anything is

Well, isn't that special...

I doubt 99% of people who get a nexus keep it stock. That's like owning a corvette and never flooring it.

Posted via Android Central App

I love how people ASSume that because THEY don't use stock, NOBODY uses stock. Get over yourself. I've tried alternate launchers and always come back to stock because I don't find them useful. It's more of a nerd thing - "Oooooh, look! I've got customizations! w00t!" - pffft.

I want them to halve the height of the soft button bar in order to reclaim space eaten up that phones with hardware buttons don't sacrifice. The Nexus 4 has a 4.7" screen and the Galaxy S3 has a 4.8" screen, but placed side by side, the GS3 looks enormous in comparison because the whole 4.8" is used for display, while the N4's usable area is sliced to 4.3" because of the 96 px wasted on the soft buttons.

I'm not asking for them to go away (though I'd be cool with that), but reduced in height to the height of the notification shade. We can hit that with our fingers, so why not make the bottom the same?

Navbar hide toggle FTW. Not too mention most apps hide them anyway. So many more things you can do with softkeys, and that's why Google uses them. F*ck physical buttons.

It's known to be coming to Sprint, TMo, and ATT. It's also known to NOT be coming to Verizon.

That's the only thing keeping me from getting a Moto X right now. I'd really like to trade up from my Galaxy Nexus. I'm sure at this point that I'll be getting a Moto X because I doubt this comes to VZW, but I'm keeping the dream alive.

The guy that took the photos must have a pretty recognizable finger if he needed to mask it like that... :) Possibly a tattoo with a name?

Well, if it uses a language processor similar to the Moto X, then the "always-listening" software will have very little affect on battery life.

Did the person's comment, that I was replying to, get deleted?

Posted via Android Central App

I'm not really liking the look of the phone icon, but yes it is changeable. I did think we would get 5 columns on the screen with the extra screen size. I feel like the icons look very large.

Thought the same thing. Looks quite ugly actually. Surprised... but then you can always change it.

The phone icon looks like an after thought, quite bulky and ugly.

Posted via Android Central App

The article says hangouts now has sms integration but they weren't able to test it

Posted via Android Central App

One of the speculations was that Hangouts would replace the stock SMS/MMS app... Not seeing the 'Messages' icon anywhere in these pictures, looks like a good sign!

Why would this be a good thing? Or, could you still text and receive texts without being signed in to google? I'll admit I don't use hangouts at all. I just stick to stock texting since I can communicate with everyone that way regardless of whether they use google or not.

I just don't like going to more than one place for messages. Hated it when I had BBMs and SMS messages in separate places on my BlackBerry, and I'm not a fan of it now with Hangouts.

I love the idea of having all my short text conversations together in one place, regardless of how they're being delivered.

I tried Facebook Messenger with SMS integration, but it was not a great experience for me. I love Hangouts simplicity and execution and I'm looking forward to using it for everything.

It's Google's response to imessage on iOS. Same kind of idea of being able to make calls, send messages, and have voice chats between android devices over data.

Posted via Android Central App


I've already gotten in trouble using my tablet while accidentally signed in and being dragged into conversations I really didn't want to have when all i was trying to do was check the weather!

But seriously. I'm ok with hangouts integration as long as I can text with my phone without being signed in.

This is my concern too. I do use google voice but my # isn't integrated. Would sms through hangouts still work if there isn't a data connection?

SMS just needs a network connection, not a data connection so one would assume that although hangouts would be the stock messaging app, the SMS feature would not require a data connection

Posted via George Foreman Grill

Hope it integrates Google Voice too!

As long as the user gets to choose whether a message is sent as a hangout or SMS. Dont force us one way or another. I hope it is not a system where it automatically sends my message as a hangout if the other user is signed in to hangouts. I use text when something needs an immediate response. I use hangout for a casual "just because you are online" type conversation.

At the same time we need a ubiquitous replacement for SMS/MMS. It is time we stopped being gouged for 160 byte messages. Google voice solves half of that. Let hangouts solve the other half. The key is widespread acceptance.

Looks good. If the status icons are flipping back and forth between white and blue all the time it might get a little annoying. I've seen them blue in some leaks and white in others. I suppose the white icons could just be the sync status with google not being connected in these leaks but then why a white battery? They are purposely blurred in some of the photos above though which makes me think there is some special meaning to the color unless the leaker's timezone would give him away somehow. I'd hate to see them get all rainbow on us with the UI icons. The blue/black look was at least nice and uniform throughout so that the status icons matched the menus. If they add all sorts of colors in different places the UI might get a little sloppy. Other than that it seems nice.

Hope it does release on Sprint and we can somehow buy it through Google at the rumored $299 price.

Excited, but I like blue status icons. Doesn't matter because my Verizon moto x will never get it any way

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I haven't read any article that proves it to be false. Until it's actually confirmed that it's false, I'm holding on to my small sliver of hope. I'm sure there are going to be 2 different variants. I'm just hoping the other has the 3,000mAh battery.

Now that you mention it, the Sprint variant might be the version with 32GB of storage and the 3,000 mah battery.

Didn't Verizon's GNex have 32GB and a bigger battery than the GPE GNex?

Posted via Android Central App

I haven't read any article that proves it to be false. Until it's actually confirmed that it's false, I'm holding on to my small sliver of hope. I'm sure there are going to be 2 different variants. I'm just hoping the other has the 3,000mAh battery.

I haven't read any article that proves it to be false. Until it's actually confirmed that it's false, I'm holding on to my small sliver of hope. I'm sure there are going to be 2 different variants. I'm just hoping the other has the 3,000mAh battery.

I haven't read any article that proves it to be false. Until it's actually confirmed that it's false, I'm holding on to my small sliver of hope. I'm sure there are going to be 2 different variants. I'm just hoping the other has the 3,000mAh battery.

I haven't read any article that proves it to be false. Until it's actually confirmed that it's false, I'm holding on to my small sliver of hope. I'm sure there are going to be 2 different variants. I'm just hoping the other has the 3,000mAh battery.

Sorry homie, but it's well reported that rumor was false. The most creditable docs availble, the leaked manual and certainly the FCC docs, only mention a 2300mah battery for both 16/32GB. For example, the Droid Ultra and Maxx were on the same filing, as they're essentially the same device with different battery sizes, but it was clearly noted in the FCC docs.

Oh the battery size is the only difference? I didnt realize that. I dont get why everyone is so excited about the nexus when it is already out with a bigger battery.


Actually the phones are almost completely different. I don't understand why some thing that the Nexus is based on the G2. Well, that is, if the rumors hold true about the Nexus' specs.

Err.. that was my point. I guess you didnt catch the sarcasm (that was explicitly stated in my post :)). You are the one that was suggesting the G2 is a Nexus 5 with a bigger battery. I was pointing out that they are completely different.

Still wishing for some webOS love from Matias Duarte. I mean iOS 7 (sorry hard to stomach) put in a half-ass multitask mode, we need to see the same multitasking with cards that webOS had back in 2009....i mean come on, who doesnt need that. This would come in handy while playing Ingress and then switching between Hangouts.

Google is doing awesome things, but still missing some very big important features.

There's already a feature like that. Hold the home button....

Posted via Android Central App

I am using the Galaxy Nexus with stock 4.2.1. I know of the double rectangles and I can tell you for sure this is NOT multitasking...maybe coming from iOS it might but nowhere close to webOS. If it was, the app would not have to reload when it was brought back up.

Ingress is up, if i go to Hangouts then sometimes it will come back and sometimes (based on memory dump i guess) it has to reload. In webOS the card would remain active and I could seamlessly switch without ever having to reload into the game.

So again...Android needs better multitasking. Its far better than before and ahead of any OS currently except webOS.

We can expect a lawsuit from Apple because of the camera icon in the bottom corner

Posted via Android Central App

"Dual stereo speakers are acknowledged in the bottom portion of the device"

This doesn't make sense to me, implication being Stereo speakers in portrait mode?

Someone please clarify! I will get this if it's got stereo speakers like the n7, i may not if it doesn't (becuase the htc one does, and i'm fairly sure their followup will too).


Dual speakers at the bottom of the phone, one each side of the charging port. You could actually see them in the leaked user manual images.

Posted via Android Central App

Yeah, lol, if the speakers aren't farther apart than your ears that can't hardly be called stereo, it's just more noise... Besides, the G2 has the same two grills and one's just faux decor, no speaker behind it, just a pinhole mic. They slapped it on for symmetry, Apple did something similar at one point IIRC. Dunno why people assume two grills about an inch apart must mean stereo...

I really can't stand the transparency in the app drawer nor the only having two icons in the hotseat

Posted via Android Central App

It looks like there is room for more icons. Perhaps they only have two icons by default and you can drag two more?

I like the stock Android but my only issue is with the phone dialer UI.
They really need to work on it.

I hope when it comes to Sprint, it's a world phone and not locked on their network so I can move my main line back to Sprint from T-Mobile.

Yes, I know what you are going to say but in my area Sprint is getting very good and T-Mobile network is like Swiss cheese.

iOS-like dots for page indicators are really pissing me off. I'm sorry, I said it. The thin blue line was awesome and was consistent with the in app design elements.

Excitement! If the camera is good this time (at least like the one on my s3) the 32GB is going to be mine!

Posted via Android Central App

All I ask if the rumors about there being no stand alone SMS app are true and it's being integrated that the drop the name's a beyond stupid.

Posted via Android Central App

Why is it stupid? There is no reduction in functionality and it will bring geater awareness to Google's other services. In my opinion, the more like apps that get consolidated, the better. I was that navigation and maps would just become one app already...

Posted via Android Central App

He just doesn't like the name Hangouts, which is a pretty stupid thing to complain about. As if Kik or most of the other names for messenger systems were all that special.

No I'm saying the name Hangouts is beyond stupid & corny. Hell yeah I'm all for the SMS integration & a unfied messaging application.

Posted via Android Central App

Haven't read anything about whether it's LTE, though it must be..Looks GREAT though..I was thinking Moto X for my next phone but this is looking VERY sweet..hope ATT gets it too!

Pretty sure I'm sold. I ask you, the fine people of AC forums, what is a fair price to ask for a GSM unlocked GNex, still in very good condition with a case, screen protector and spare charger?

Just take a look at what they're going for on Ebay...

Very happy Google stopped selling the N4, otherwise we'd all be taking a big hit. I see them selling for around $300 I expect to get $250+ even after the offical announcement. Going to be the 4th Nexus launch day purchase. Take my money, again, Google!

I would love if the Nexus 5 is sold thru best buy as well like the chromecast cause I can't access the play store in my region.

Posted via Jamaica AC App - N4

that looks sweet!!..

On that 5th image, is that a lock screen with camera option?..and if its, is it with security or same as jelly bean with no security?.. i hope is with security... =)

I really hope the notification bar being transparent isn't true, that's one of the worst things about sense 5

Posted via Android Central App

You're crazy. It's looks so much better. Plus, it fades to black at the edge. I've had both the status and nav bar fully transparent on my Nexus devices for years. One of the few things I couldn't stand about vanilla. Will still unlock/root out of the box, though.

I'm kind of grateful now that Moto forced me to wait for Moto-maker to come to T-Mo. This may have replaced the X as my next phone (unless of course the price of the X plummets).

Erm, the Moto X price would have to plummet to come even remotely to Nexus prices. The Moto X is a beautiful and capable device, but unless you're on Verizon, it's a no brainer. N5/kitkat is supposed to be always listening, too. S800 is a badass chip.

Hope the radio is better in it. My one main complaint with the N4 is the crappy signal strength which is not the carriers fault (as I have full bars on my other phone with the same SIM). That and hope they improve the battery life and screen brightness which are my other two main issues with the N4.

From Tutto:

In particular, the Nexus 5 (Nexus 4, 2013) would be equipped with LTE MIMO (Multi Input Multi-Output), that would be equipped with two antennas for the 3G and for l ' LTE , both used depending on the required frequencies: for low frequencies is used Ant # 1 (the first antenna), for high frequencies is used, instead Ant # 2 (the second antenna). Thus, depending on the frequency bands, the different antennas are used as shown in the following image. This allows obtaining better performance both in 3G and in 4G.

Would this mean improved indoor building penetration for T-mobile on LTE? (or 2G, 3G or HSPA+)?

Finally Transparent status & nav bar, now if we can just custom sized nav bar(36/24pt) then I would have little to no reasons to use a Custom ROM on my N7 and maybe future N5.

No messaging app is kinda weak don't want to be forced to use hangouts seeing as I've never used it before.

Posted via Android Central App

Ugly icons and boring/recycled wallpapers. I'm more excited to see what software enhancements are coming

Im sure they improved the "code" and improved under the hood performance. It wouldnt be much of an upgrade if they didnt.

I can't believe it will be priced 350$ off-contract. That would be insanely ridiculous imho...

450$ is more likely, I'm afraid..

I know I have an S4 already in my hands, but dammit, my urge to get this phone is killing me. Somebody punch reality into my face.

Assuming he's not on Verizon, I'd rather sell it and get a better phone and have a few bucks left over for some beer : )

Great point.... Now you got me thinking... Should I sell this phone and actually make a profit from buying the Nexus 5!?!?!?!

I'd wait til the reviews are out, maybe even go to a store and try it out

Posted via George Foreman Grill

Pretty clean, but those software keys are still too big and that wallpaper is hideous. Maybe the buttons will disappear with a gesture now? Hopefully Google makes 4.4 available to all Nexus devices following the announcement.

Imagine that, every nexus from the G1 gets the 4.4 update. That would be unbelievable.

Posted via George Foreman Grill

Looks great so far to me! But, I'd really like quick pull down settings instead of having to use power toggles app to do this. Things like toggling WiFi, data, brightness, etc. Like Samsung and others already built in! Also a built in battery percentage, also instead of using third party app. Like the quick camera icon. Like that I will hopefully not be limited in number of home screens. I could use 5 more on my N4! Hopefully the whole OS will run much faster and more fluid.

I really like the idea of finally having hangouts integrate all messaging functions. Just adds confusion for non techies in the family, I.e. most of them, to use two messaging applications. There is a reason apple's message app is so popular because it is a one stop shop, and android has needed this consolidation for a long time.

I always get giddy about os updates, so I was ready for this yesterday! Bring it el goog!

Posted via Android Central App on my white Nexus 4 with StraightTalk

I know I will never win, but ugggg on screen buttons stink.

Why waste the bottom bezel?

Posted from a van, down by the river

As excited as I would like to get about this phone, I know that I can't. Simply because the chances of this phone landing on Verizon are 1/999,999,999,999. Which just means that because of that damned ETF big red has, I wont be getting this phone. Thanks a lot Verizon for missing out on yet another great phone...-___-

In the case of a nexus and T-MO you'll eventually end saving money.

Posted via Android Central App

Oh yeah, I made my money back, after 6 months, while using the $30 5GB plan. I'm currently on the $70 plan, but will be switching back next month.

Posted via Android Central App

Why do people like transparent status and navigation bars? To me it makes the buttons and icons get lost in the mix if you have a background that is too busy or if something in the background is the same color and blends with the icons. It also fails to separate your notification and nav buttons from the rest of what is going on in your display. It's been an option for a very long time in a lot of custom roms and I have tried it but it seems sloppy when an image or line or something is behind an icon or button and is a similar color.

I guess google feels change, regardless of whether it serves a purpose, is important. Maybe people would tend to get bored if things didn't change even if it isn't for the better.

I agree! Im just hoping its "customizations" so I can choose. I wouldnt mind the transparent notification bar. but I dont want a transparent app drawer or nav buttons

I love the idea of the dual speakers. However, I think the fact that they're placed on the bottom of device will create an inconvenience. I love how I can dock my HTC One and still hear everything crystal clear.

Posted via Android Central App

yeah, I'm not sure where to put speakers really. On the face or rear, if your phone is facing one way or the other, you can't hear. On the bottom, docks get in the way....the same can be said for the top placement if you use a car dock that fits snugly. Maybe just put them in all locations?! DOLBY 4D SOUND™

I think the new placement of the speakers will be better than that of the N4.

Posted via Android Central App

While the N5 will no doubt be awesome, IF those images are 4.4, they do not do it for me at all. Like the transparent notification bar, but not the app drawer or the alleged camera icon on the lockscreen... We will see...could just be a ROM after all

Posted via Android Central App

This is starting to look so good, I may ditch Touchwiz! If there were only some use of the s-pen without proprietary Samsung Touchwiz.

TAK E MY MONEY,and stop leaking it lol. It just gets me excited and and then depressed because I cant have it just yet :-(

am I the only One Who hates the navigation menu on the nexus devices . if it had a physical home button Or a way of mapping like the HTC one I would be sold

Posted via Android Central App

That Phone icon is hideous!!! Lol everything else looks nice to me, can't wait to get my hands on this bad boy ;)

Looks like it was done after they all got back from the pub for lunch.

Posted via Android Central App

Been enjoying the transparent status and navbar with custom rom, so its nice they put it in AOSP now. The white icons might disappear in with white wallpapers though.


Can't wait. Time to sell and hopefully I'll get one as soon as it is announced.

Posted via Android Central App

Can't wait. Time to sell and hopefully I'll get one as soon as it is announced.

Posted via Android Central App

Some things I'm not thrilled about like the round icons and the phone icon but I'm sure they'll grow on me. I wasn't on board with the cyan at first but now I am sad to see it go. None the less I am going to have a hard time to not sell my 4 month old Nexus 4 and scream "shut up and take my money!" to Google.

That app drawer and phone icons are from the Holo Icon pack. I doubt Google would poach ideas from themes already available on Google Play

Posted via Android Central App

ill be buying the nexus 5 on launch to replace my note 2. i don't like the new icons but i dig the white theme. apex + my custom icons will do the trick until we get custom roms. i just hope kit kat is much smoother than jellybean.