Amazon now has two parallel lines of Fire tablets at various price points for two distinct audiences — adults and children. Each line comes in 7-inch, 8-inch, and 10-inch versions with different screen resolutions and storage options. And unlike most electronic gadgets, these Fire Tablets also come in a variety of fun colors. We'll tell you what our favorites are from each Fire Tablet model, and lets see if you agree!

Total tranquility: Fire 7 - Twilight Blue

Staff pick for Adults

The deep tones of the Twilight Blue Fire 7 (9th Gen) tablet will immediately put you in a relaxed and comfortable mood. You'll not want to put a case on it (not that you need to, as Fire tablets are pretty durable), but if you do, be sure to pick up one of Amazon's first-party cases to match.

$40 at Amazonr

Glowing gadget: Fire HD 8 Kids Edition - Yellow

Staff pick for kids

Something about this color just makes me smile. Maybe it's that this bright yellow was my son's favorite color as a small child, or maybe it's that it reminds me of sunshine, sunflowers, and summer. Whatever it is, the bold color will surely stand out, and make it easier to locate in that mess of toys!

$100 at Amazon

This red packs a punch: Fire HD 8 - Punch Red

The Fire HD 8 (8th Gen) is the last in the regular line of Fire tablets to be updated and as such it still has the previous generation's color scheme that focused less on subtle hues and more on bold primary colors. Out of these options, our favorite is easily the Punch Red. It gives a great pop of color and looks good enough to drink!

$60 at Amazon

Pearly white: Fire HD 10 - White

I know what you're thinking... white? Hear me out. The Fire HD 10 (9th Gen) is the first Fire tablet to have a white back and front, and I think it has a really clean, sophisticated look. Plus, you can combine it with one of the color cases from Amazon to get the best of both worlds.

$150 at Amazon

Portable purple pal: Fire 7 Kids Edition - Purple

I think purple is the perfect color for this small-sized tablet. It provides a nice pop of color and protective case without blinding you with neon nonsense. 90s' singing dinosaurs or 70's burger monsters be damned, this is a color that I think should come to even more products.

$70 at Amazon

Pretty in pink: Fire HD 10 Kids Edition - Pink

This pink just screams kids tablet, and you know what? That's totally okay! These playful, primary (school) colors that Amazon introduced into its Fire tablet Kids Edition lineup contribute to the overall enjoyable experience of using the devices. While most kids are naturally curious and interested in technology, these bright pops of color might help them to gravitate toward these gadgets even more.

$200 at Amazon

Deep blue see

Source: Amazon

I've said it before and I'll say it again — blue all the things! Of course, not all blues are created equal. Some are too bright, others too dark, and still others too green. This shade that Amazon calls Twilight Blue is just right.

Twilight Blue is dark enough to have some visual drama, but not too dark as to lose that effect. It reminds me of the waters of the Adriatic Sea off of Croatia, or the bottom of a fancy resort pool; just the mental image of those scenes is already relaxing. Of course, if this isn't your jam, Amazon has several other colors in the Fire 7 (9th Gen) palette that you may like better, such as traditional Black, a rosy Plum, and an herbal Sage. All very earthy tones to get out of the way of your Fire 7 experience.

Twilight Blue

Fire 7

If you want a tranquil, relaxing color for your tablet, then the Twilight Blue hue is for you.

Punch drunk love

Source: Amazon

The Fire HD 8 (8th Gen) is the oldest of the grown-up versions of the Fire tablet line, and as such it has not yet been updated to the earthy tones of the Fire 7 or Fire HD 10. What you do get are some bold and bright primary color options for Amazon's smallest HD tablet.

I'm partial to the Punch Red, because it's just fun. It reminds me of the cherry red you'd get in a summer snow cone or on a lollipop from a doctor's visit. But if you're not a fan, you can select from Black, Canary Yellow, or Marine Blue. Go bold or go home!

Punch Red

Fire HD 8

Pack a punch of color with this most fun of Fire tablets. The bright red backing is eye-catching, and the red trim creates a cool visual effect against the front black bezels.

Ice, ice baby

Source: Amazon

Amazon has made white Kindle e-readers before, but this version of the Fire HD 10 (9th Gen) is the first white Fire tablet. It was also the first Fire to feature a non-black front, which creates a color consistency that is refreshing in this product.

I've had several white smart phones and iPads, and this white version reminds me of that aesthetic. It's a classy, clean look that can easily be gussied up with one of Amazon's nice first-party cases or any of the hundreds of great third-party options out there. If white is a little too boring for you, consider one of the other colors, like Twilight Blue, Plum, or the traditional color for all gadgets, Black.


Fire HD 10

The white Fire HD 10 offers a classy and clean look for those who are tired of traditional black devices and don't want or need a blast of color on their tablet.

Proudly purple

Source: Amazon

The Kids Edition Fire tablets all come in bright, cheery colors and include a matching bright and cheery case for the perfect protective package. My favorite out of the three options available on the Fire 7 Kids Edition is the Purple color.

To my eyes, the Purple is attractive and playful without being too brash and flamboyant. Of course if you or your child prefer, you can instead pick up a bright Blue or perky Pink. Whichever you go with, there will be no doubt what age bracket this device is for.


Fire 7 Kids Edition

The Purple Fire HD 7 Kids Edition tablet is probably the most conservative color in the lineup. If you are averse to bold colors, this is the one to pick up.

The yellow rose of tech

Fire HD 8 kids tablet in yellowSource: Amazon

This yellow color is exclusive to the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet, and is my favorite color option among Amazon's kiddie tablets. It presents the right balance of warmth and color without being blinding. It brings to mind sitting on a window seat in the warm sunlight and reading a book, or those first exciting days of a new summer break.

If yellow isn't to your taste, you can still choose from the popular Blue and Pink options available on every Fire Kids Edition tablet.


Fire HD 8 Kids Edition

The warm yellow of the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition is my pick as the best color Fire tablet for kids. It's a happy hue that will keep your little ones occupied for as long as their FreeTime Unlimited restrictions will let them.

Little pink houses

Source: Amazon

There's something about the pink color of the Fire HD 10 Kids Edition that brings back memories of those old school Toys R' Us catalogs you'd see before the holidays. All of the Barbie corvettes, Strawberry Shortcake play sets, and Candyland board games had a similar tone, and it's nice to see that this classic kids color is every bit as popular today as it was way back then.

If pink is not your thing for whatever reason, Amazon offers this top tablet for tots in its kids Blue and Purple versions as well.


Fire HD 10 Kids Edition

The bright Pink really pops around the large screen of the Fire HD 10 Kids Edition. It's no powder puff though, as it can withstand anything your tiny tot can throw at it!

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