Amazon's refreshed Fire HD 10 tablet lineup is fit for all ages

The Amazon Fire HD 10 (2023).
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What you need to know

  • Amazon launches its new Fire HD 10 with increased performance and support for its MFA Stylus that feels like a pen on paper.
  • The tablet delivers up to 64GB of internal storage and around 13 hours of battery life for $154 without lock screen ads.
  • The Fire HD 10 Kids Pro and 10 Kids tablets feature the same performance enhancements but with loads geared toward learning and playing games.

Amazon launched a revamped Fire tablet lineup with 25% faster performance when compared to its previous release. The company has detailed what its latest Fire HD 10 tablet has to offer, starting with its 10.1-inch Full HD display. Amazon states the newest tablet arrives as a thinner, more durable companion if you're looking to carry it around all day or outside.

The tablet's comfortable screen has received support for the Amazon Stylus pen with on-device handwriting recognition. The press release adds its stylus support includes over 4,000 levels of pressure sensitivity and that the MFA stylus on its display feels like a natural pen and paper writing experience.

Consumers interested in jotting notes with the new tablet can do so in apps such as OneNote, Picsart, and others.

The Amazon Fire HD 10 sitting on a kitchen counter.

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While the stylus handles any quick notetaking spurts, the 2023 Fire HD 10 is complemented by the Amazon Bluetooth Keyboard case. The online retailer states the attachment features 15 shortcut keys, a retractable stylus loop, and should offer a comfortable typing experience.

Even though we're not snatching up tablets for their cameras, Amazon has equipped its Fire HD 10 with a 5MP primary sensor and a 5MP front-facing selfie camera. Those creating magic with the frontal lens can utilize its upgrades for social media apps like Instagram and TikTok.

The enhanced processor contained within the tablet is said to boost all that consumers can do when browsing and enjoying a picture-in-picture experience through Prime Video or joining a business meeting through Zoom. Inside the Fire HD 10 is 3GB of RAM and up to 64GB of internal storage.

The tablets promise to last up to 13 hours on a single charge when reading, browsing the web, watching videos, or listening to music. The tablet can fully charge in just under four hours with its 9W charging speed.

The company has also packed several accessibility features onto the tablet, with one of those involving stronger voice commands. The post adds users can "virtually tap" any item on the Fire HD 10's display using their voice. This feature is available in all device languages; however, it will only accept voice commands in English.

The Amazon Fire HD 10 2023 is available today on Amazon starting at $139 in Ocean, Lilac, and Black colorways with lock screen ads. If you're looking to forgo the ads, the price rises to $154.

The launch of the Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro.

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The kids haven't been forgotten as Amazon launches the Fire HD 10 Kids Pro with a 10.1-inch Brilliant display. Compared to the Fire HD 10 geared more toward adults, the Kids Pro tablet remains the same regarding its RAM, internal storage, and battery life/charging.

The initial main difference is the Fire HD 10 Kids Pro is confined within a Kid-friendly case to ensure the device can withstand drops and bumps on the car ride home. The case even features its own built-in stand so kids can prop it up and watch some videos.

Additionally, Amazon has packed in a few kid-centric features, such as the Disney Bundle. This bundle will provide your child with Disney-themed digital wallpapers from Disney like Minnie’s Food Truck and Cars: Neon Racers, Marvel Super Hero Mashers, and Star Wars: Assault Team.

The retailer states that 10 of the "Play Together" games courtesy of Amazon Kids Plus are arriving in the U.S. These games include Sketch-N-Guess, Slingshot Smashers, Matching Mayhem, Checkers, and more. Kids looking to play with their friends or family can send an invite to that person's mobile device.

Quests are a new addition to the kid-oriented tablet, which lets users go a little deeper into the subjects they love, like Arts & Crafts or Ocean & Marine life. These "Quests" are like bundles of books, videos, and apps that kids can go through to earn badges and other rewards.

Lastly, Music Maker lets kids become that composer they never knew they wanted to be. Amazon states that while this feature will become available later this year, it will offer a selection of instruments and melodies to experiment with through the help of AI.

The Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro is available today for $189 in Happy Day, Mint, and Nebula colorways.

A look at the 2023 Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Disney-themed cases.

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Amazon's final addition, the Fire HD 10 Kids, features an even thicker Kid-proof case for those aged 3-7. Most of what this tablet features remains the same as the Kids Pro and the feature-rich Fire HD 10, as well.

The thicker tablet case continues to feature its own kickstand for an easier time watching videos at home or on the road. Moreover, Amazon has taken the liberty of expanding its Disney Bundle for younger kids interested in this tablet for the holiday season. The company is offering Disney-themed cases featuring Disney Princesses and Mickey Mouse.

If these cases aren't of interest, there are still more classical options such as blue and pink.

The Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids is available today starting at $189.

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