Amazon is generally pretty secretive about its Prime Day deals, but that doesn't mean that we don't already have an idea of what we could expect to see. Unlike Black Friday, flyers don't leak ahead of time, and Amazon only gives a quick preview of a general idea of what it plans to have on sale. Of course, other retailers join in on the fun and then the unknowns just continue to rise.

Based on deals we've seen during previous Prime Day events and mixing in some Black Friday knowledge, we've compiled a list of some deals we expect to see on Prime Day 2019.

Echo hardware

Amazon hasn't exactly been shy about running deals on its own hardware. Even though it's been months since Black Friday, we've seen plenty of specials for other smaller holidays like Mother's Day. You can bet Prime Day is going to be the time to buy an Echo device, whether you're looking to buy your first one or just want to add to the collection. One big thing we've noticed recently is how Amazon is tossing in a free Echo Dot with big deals on other gear. Buy a security cam, get a free Echo Dot. Buy a smart bulb, get a free Echo Dot. I imagine we'll see a lot more of that for the big day.

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The Echo Dot has been selling for $30 for much of this year, and it dropped to $25 during Black Friday. Be prepared for a direct price drop that's even lower than that or some sort of combo deal that will bring the prices down.

Amazon also just announced the new Echo Show 5. With Prime Day still a couple months away, this device will be in prime position to see it's first major discount during the big event.

Fire TV

Amazon has a pretty robust lineup of Fire TV gear from the 4K media streaming sticks to over-the-air DVRs to full-blown 4K TVs. We have also seen a couple of major sales on these devices over the last few months, including one that's going on right at this very moment. It's a pretty safe bet Amazon is going to drop the prices on all of these, offer them up in brand new bundles, and generally just go nuts on those low prices.

Each of the last two years Amazon has teamed up with a different company to create a new lineup of Fire TVs. Last year it was Best Buy, but those sets didn't do so hot. We will see if Amazon does something new this year.


Amazon bought Ring in early 2018. We didn't really see the impact of that purchase during last year's Prime Day. It was still too early. We're seeing it now, though. Ring has come out with several new products, like the Stick-Up Cam. We've started seeing some really excellent deals on the Ring lineup. Plus, all of Ring's smart security cameras, doorbells, and alarms are designed to work seamlessly with Amazon Alexa and Amazon's smart home products like the Echo Dot. Ring devices are also the biggest example of products bundled with a free Echo Dot.

A good practical example we will see on Prime Day is the Ring Video Doorbell Pro. it has gone on sale for $50 off in recent months, and we're sure Amazon will match or exceed that price on the big day.

Instant Pots

In the world of kitchen appliances, there are few that have seen as much success as the Instant Pot. These multi-use pressure cookers are so popular they usually sell out on big days like Prime Day and Black Friday. Instant Pot is creating all sorts of new models, though. Keep a look out for the Duo, Duo Mini, Lux, Lux Mini, Ultra, and others. Many of them, if not all of them, are sure to go on sale during Prime Day. If one sells out, just go to your next bookmark!

Smart home accessories

I'm going to let you in on a super secret that you might not have noticed yet... Amazon loves smart home stuff. I know. Big surprise. And while Amazon is going to use Prime Day to push all its own smart home stuff, you can also expect to see plenty of other smart home tech go on sale. Watch for big names like TP-Link, Philips Hue, Sengled, Lifx, and more. You might even see some other recognizable names like Wemo or Anker's Eufy brand.

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