Amazon is generally pretty secretive about its Prime Day deals, but that doesn't mean that we don't already have an idea of what we could expect to see. Unlike Black Friday, flyers don't leak ahead of time, and Amazon only gives a quick preview of a general idea of what it plans to have on sale. Of course, other retailers join in on the fun and then the unknowns just continue to rise.

Based on deals we've seen during previous Prime Day events and mixing in some Black Friday knowledge, we've compiled a list of some deals we expect to see on Prime Day 2018.

Echo hardware

It should come as no surprise that Amazon will push its Alexa hardware during this sale, but I'd almost anticipate it hitting a new all-time low. Black Friday brought some serious pricing competition between the Echo Dot and Home Mini, with both of them dropping to $30, it wouldn't surprise us to see it drop to $25 or less.

Fire Tablets

Along the same lines as the Echo hardware, the Fire Tablets are another thing that we see Amazon pushing very hard during big sales events. We've already seen them get pretty low, and with limited competition in the space, odds are we will see a match of the $30 7-inch Fire Tablet.

Instant Pots

The Instant Pot was one of Prime Day 2017's best-selling items, and we expect to see that happen again this year. We are already starting to see the discounts pick up, and some prices have even beat the prices we saw during Black Friday and Prime Day, so maybe there will be another all-time low coming in a few months.

DNA Kits

These are all over the place now, and there are a whole bunch of options available, from full DNA and ancestry kits to more refined kits that focus on specifics like what type of wine you're likely to enjoy or potential pet allergies.

Smart home accessories

Everything from the smart plugs to Ring's Video Doorbell, odds are there will be a whole bunch of smart home gadgets on sale during Prime Day.

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