If you're a regular online shopper, tackling all the boxes you receive on a weekly basis can be a huge pain, but with the Tacklife UKH01 Box Cutter, you can eliminate a lot of the hassle at a great price. Using code P4W8ZIAA during checkout at Amazon will discount its current price by 50%, giving you the chance to snag one for only $6.99 today. It normally sells for around $10 on average.


Tacklife UKH01 Box Cutter

Don't open another package without this discounted Tacklife Utility Knife that comes with a set of extra blades. You'll thank yourself come Prime Day.

$6.99 $10.21 $3 off

With coupon: P4W8ZIAA

With Amazon Prime Day approaching, who knows what kind of crazy deals we'll see come next month. Tacklife's UKH01 is a great pick to help out with the excess boxes as it features high-quality anodized aluminum and stainless steel blades that can cut through not just boxes but all kinds of material. Keeping that in mind, it's also handy to use for tons of DIY home improvement projects. Its ergonomic non-slip handle helps ensure you don't lose your grip while the two integrated release buttons make it simple to change its blade or fold it open for use.

Tacklife includes five extra blades with the UKH01 so you can keep cutting long after today's purchase. A 2-year warranty comes with the knife as well.

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