Your Amazon Echo and Google Home Nest devices are amazing smart speakers, but they are tied to an outlet so you can't carry one around your home as you get your work done without having to unplug, replug, reboot, and re-connect to get it back up and running. And yeah, you can get Google Assistant everywhere with your phone — and even get phones with Alexa built-in these days — but these assistants are often more robust on your smart speaker than anywhere else. It's a problem that is easily and affordably solved, thankfully, with Nintety7 Battery Bases on sale from just $12 today only at Meh. There are a couple of products to choose from for both Echo devices as well as Google speakers and each product listed is down to a historic low price, even beating Prime Day prices.

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Ninety7 Smart Speaker Portable Battery Cases

Take your Google Home or Echo device on the go with these ultra-affordable portable battery bases. These limited-time prices beat out those we saw at Amazon during Prime Day so now's the perfect time to buy if you have a compatible smart speaker.

From $12

The deal given is no longer valid and we do not have a better one. However, we have found some similar deals

The most affordable option in the sale is the Ninety7 Vaux for the 2nd-gen Amazon Echo Dot at $12. It sells for as much as $40 at Amazon so this is a total steal if you are rocking the previous-gen Echo Dot. It adds 6 hours of battery life to the Dot and also bumps the sound quality dual 52mm drivers and a passive radiator. Another option for the Echo Dot is the Ninety7 Tote for $29. That's over half off its current Amazon price.

For Google Home Mini users, the Ninety7 Jot should be your go-to. For $19, you get a battery base that provides eight hours of run time and charges up with Mini's power supply so you never actually have to take the case off if you don't want to. It's usually $35 at Amazon.

Lastly, the Ninety7 Loft battery base is made for Google Home owners. It magnetically connects to your Google Home like the first-party Home bases and provides up to 8 hours of wire-free usage. It comes in a few stylish finishes and will only cost $19 at Meh today, rather than $50 at Amazon.

There are plenty of reasons why you should use a battery base, so be sure to get your orders in before the end of the day or supplies run out. Note Meh adds $5 for shipping unless you are a paying member, though your purchases will still be way cheaper than anywhere else.

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