Hurry, it’s your last chance to buy a Fire HD 8 at the $45 Prime Day price

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Of all the thousands of Prime Day deals Amazon has thrown at us over the last two days, it reserved some of the best prices for its own tech. While you may not need a new speaker, streaming stick, or security camera, almost anyone will benefit from having another spare tablet around, either for themselves or family members. So you don't want to sleep on the Fire HD 8 for 50% off before the deal ends at midnight PT. 

The Fire HD 8 is the best Amazon Fire tablet available right now. It has solid HD visuals, stereo speakers, hands-free Alexa support, and battery life that consistently lasts at least 10 hours, typically 12. Those specs are excellent even at full price, but sound even better at just $45 — or $60 if you don't want ads on your lockscreen.

You can also upgrade to the 64GB version, but most people won't need it for streaming content, and you can always use the expandable storage slot to add more room for offline video downloads down the line. Without a doubt, the Fire HD 8 is a true bargain at this price. And if you're buying one for a young child, the Fire HD 8 Kids Pro is also 50% off and has unique features they'll appreciate, like a year's subscription to Kids+ and a more fall-proof design.

Fire up your favorite streaming apps with these affordable Tabs

Amazon Fire HD 8: $90 $45 at Amazon

Amazon Fire HD 8: $90 $45 at Amazon
Amazon's 8-inch budget tablet isn't the fastest or most versatile, but it gives you the bare essentials and doesn't run up the price with any unnecessary features. It has all the streaming apps you'd want, and even doubles as a cheap Echo Show imitator.

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Pro:$130$70 at Amazon

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Pro: $130 $70 at Amazon
Your kid will receive all the perks as the standard Fire HD 8 like long-lasting battery and USB-C fast-charging, plus a Kids+ subscription for access to games and books and a digital store where they can request e-books for parents to approve the purchase.

If its specs are a bit too much of a downgrade for you, you could go with the $65 Fire HD 8 Plus for a faster processor and more RAM, but it's otherwise the same in visuals and features. Or you can jump to the $75 Fire HD 10 for a larger screen, the same 3GB RAM upgrade, and a 1080p resolution upgrade. But if price is your priority, these differences aren't so huge that the Fire HD 8 won't make you happy.

Fire HD 8 Plus: $130 $65 at Amazon

Fire HD 8 Plus: $130 $65 at Amazon
For an extra $20, you deal with less lag when navigating between apps, with the same speed as the 10-inch Fire tablets but in a more affordable and petite frame.

Fire HD 10: $150 $75 at Amazon

Fire HD 10: $150 $75 at Amazon
Prioritize a larger, pixel-rich display and faster performance over portability and price with the Fire HD 10. It's the tablet that feels less like a compromise compared to Galaxy Tabs or iPads.

If you're uncertain which to buy, our guides on the Fire HD 8 vs. 8 Plus and Fire HD 10 vs. Fire HD 8 will dive into the specifics and our different reactions to each device. But in the end, you can and should trust that the Fire HD 8 won't disappoint.

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