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Amazon Shop with Points program

Even though it is still unannounced, Amazon Prime Day is starting to get into the minds of everyone who is gearing up for one of the biggest shopping days of the year. If we can expect the same kind of schedule as last year, Prime Day should be blowing up the internet somewhere in the middle of July, so we are already less than two months away! In order to best prepare for Prime Day, you'll want to make sure you are caught up on all of the ways to save. One such way is a little less known than the famous price cuts to be found on the shopping holiday, and that is the fact that you might be able to use credit card rewards points to finance your Prime Day haul.

A number of credit card companies have partnered with Amazon over the years to allow their cardholders the ability to use the points they have earned on purchases at Amazon. Called Shop with Points, the program gives customers a much more enticing place to use their earned points. Instead of trying to hunt down something you actually want to redeem your points on at your credit card issuer's website, you can use them at the most popular shopping website in the world. The experience is quite seamless as well, as using your points is as easy as applying them right on Amazon's website during checkout. As of right now, Amazon partners with American Express, Hilton, Chase, Citi, Discover, and of course their own Amazon branded credit cards.

Amazon Shop with points partners

Last year, Amazon even teamed up with American Express and offered Amex cardholders the ability to save 20% on a variety of items by using just one Membership Rewards point on the purchase. The offer did have to be activated and came with a $100 benefit limit, but it was a solid way to save more and even pay for your entire Prime Day shopping if you've been stockpiling points without a sense of what to use them for. Amazon and American Express haven't said if the offer was coming back for this year, but the two companies have a long-running partnership in allowing American Express customers to use their points for purchases on Amazon, so it wouldn't be surprising to see this one show up again.

More partnerships like this are sure to continue to pop up, so keep an eye out with your credit card issuer to see what extra benefits they may offer. With all of the credit card companies that have joined the Shop with Points program, you most likely already have an eligible card in your wallet. Do some quick research and, if you have some rewards built up, you just found a great source of funding for this year's Prime Day.

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