Foldable phones finally matured in 2021, and Black Friday is your chance to get hold of some of the very best Samsung foldables at the lowest prices we've seen to date.

Samsung's own online store is offering $100 and $250 discounts on the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3 respectively, and the manufacturer will even throw in a pair of Galaxy Buds 2 for you trouble. Factor in Samsung's typically generous trade-in deals, and that brings the minimum price for the base model 256GB Fold 3 down to $649.99 (previously $1799.99), and the 128GB Flip 3 to just $299.99 (from $999.99).

Those prices are for the unlocked versions of Samsung's latest foldables. Prices will vary depending on the color you choose, or any carrier options you select. We'd recommend going for the unlocked models for maximum flexibility, though (no pun intended.)

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold And Flip 3 With BoxSource: Nick Sutrich / Android Central

The inclusion of Samsung's latest Galaxy Buds 2 means your new foldable will be paired with a set of excellent true wireless earbuds that sound almost as good as the more expensive Buds Pro.

New Samsung foldables starting at just $299

Galaxy Z Fold 3 + Flip 3

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 / Fold 3

Samsung's flagship foldables offer a taste of the future of mobile, with large displays in a pocket-friendly package. And now they're more affordable than ever before.

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 manages to fit a large display into a clamshell that's easy to fit into a pocket or handbag, while offering an improved display and upgraded hinge compared to the previous generation. Meanwhile the Fold 3 combines a phone-shaped outer display with a large tablet screen on the interior, meaning you get portability when you need it and the option of a larger canvas. What's more, both of the latest models feature water resistance, a feature that's been lacking in foldable phones until now.

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