What you need to know

  • Samsung's One UI night mode will automatically enable the Google Play Store dark theme.
  • The Google Play Store is one of the few apps that only support system-level automatic theme switching.
  • Google needs to flip the switch on the server-side for this to happen, so you may need to be patient.

Night mode has been all the rage lately. From various Google apps like Duo and Play Books to Gmail, Google has been getting dark mode rolled out to users worldwide. While some of these apps provide a simple switch in the settings to enable the dark theme, some apps like the Google Play Store rely on the OS to tell them when to switch. But if you're not on Android 10, which has a native system-wide dark mode, you're out of luck for some apps.

Thankfully, Samsung's 'night mode' within One UI actually flips this switch behind the scenes and appears to work perfectly for the newly-designed Google Play Store with automated dark mode, as first reported by SamMobile.

Samsung launched One UI with Android 9 Pie last year and has updated several phones with the software, as well as launching the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 lines with it, as well. While One UI 2.0 is around the corner and built upon Android 10, users won't have to wait for that update to get some of the latest dark mode goodness on more apps than ever.

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If enabling night mode in One UI doesn't automatically switch the Google Play Store to dark theme, you'll just have to wait until Google flips the switch on the server side. It's a painful wait but, rest assured, it's happening soon for everyone. After the last big shift in user interface design left many users blinded by the light, developers have taken comments to heart and many have updated their apps with dark themes, which are also known as "night mode" in some cases.

Don't know how to enable night mode on your Android 9 Pie-powered Samsung phone with One UI? Thankfully for you, we've got a handy-dandy guide on how to do that.

How to enable One UI (Android 9 Pie) dark mode on Samsung Galaxy phones