New Samsung Care+ plan may start covering lost and stolen Galaxy devices

Samsung Galaxy Note 20
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 (Image credit: Hayato Huseman / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • New code strings in the Shop Samsung app hint that Care+ may start covering stolen or lost Galaxy devices.
  • The Theft and Loss Subscription will be an add-on to existing plans, however, the added price is unknown as of right now.
  • Samsung Care+ currently costs $3.99, $8.99, $11.99 a month depending on the device.

Samsung Care+ is a subscription service that covers accidental damage for Galaxy devices. While the service currently does not provide insurance for theft or loss, recent findings show that things are about to change.

Based on a code deep-dive by XDA-Developers, new code strings in version 1.0.21465 of the Shop Samsung Android app reveal that a "Theft and Loss Subscription" will be available to Samsung Care+ subscribers.

Samsung Care+ with Theft and Loss Subscription: Insurance coverage for loss, theft, and damage. Service contract coverage for accidental damage from handling (ADH) and out of warranty mechanical breakdowns.

According to the code strings, the Theft and Loss Subscription plan will offer device replacements (probably refurbished units) for Samsung Care+ subscribers with lost or stolen Galaxy devices.

Although the code does not unveil the release date or pricing information for the new subscription plan, it does mention that subscribers "will be billed on a recurring basis for 36 months or until canceled." Additionally, subscribers will only be able to submit a maximum of 3 claims per year while still having to pay insurance deductibles from $99 to $269.

While these specifics may make the new subscription plan less magical than it initially sounded, it's certainly a great option to have available for Galaxy owners who don't use protective cases or those whofrequently misplace their devices.

With phones, tablets, and other mobile tech devices increasingly going up in price and being treated almost like valuable pieces of jewelry, this type of insurance plan is becoming more imporant than ever before. We actually hope to see more protection plans like this become available for other brands as well.

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