Best Samsung Galaxy S22 accessories 2024

Are you a proud owner of the S22 series of smartphones? Your Samsung device is gutsy, pretty, and, unfortunately, delicate. Sure, IP68 water resistance is great, but this is still a slab of glass and aluminum wrapped around the powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor and those wonderful cameras. You need to protect it with a wonderful Galaxy S22 case, but while you're at it, there are a few key ways to elevate your Galaxy experience.

Accessorize your beloved S22 with all the best add-ons

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Cables, chargers, cases and more: What Galaxy S22 accessories do you need?

While I'd love to say all of these accessories are essential for your Samsung Galaxy S22, that gets expensive quickly, and it's OK if you prefer a more targeted shopping list. As an avid user of phones, I speak from experience when I say this next bit. 

Whenever you buy a phone, it needs three things — well, two depending on your taste. You need a screen protector, a case, and a phone grip. I know what you're thinking, but no, really, you should be using a phone grip, if for nothing else than to save you from an RSI. (My left pinky will hate me forever, but yours doesn't have to.) I adore the PopSockets Slide Stretch because it can be adjusted every so often without any hassle, as there's no adhesive involved.

You don't even need to buy a separate phone grip to go with your Galaxy S22 Ultra case, since the Samsung Silicone Cover with Strap is two-in-one. The strap is both a great way to show off some style thanks to the spare straps you can buy, and it's an easy way to keep a hold of your S22 without having to constantly pinch your fingers around a PopSocket. 

If you prefer boring, non-grip cases, the Poetic Neon is durable, affordable, and the colors are perfection — especially if you grab one of the custom colors for your S22 Ultra or Plus. You can pair it with one of amFilm's OneTouch Tempered Glass screen protectors, which feature an oleophobic finish and comes with an installation frame.

You might already have a great charger for your Galaxy S22, but if you need one capable of 45W charging the S22+/Ultra, Baseus' three-port ensures the 45W port always gets 45W no matter what's plugged into the other two ports. This comes in handy if you're trying to charge up a mess of gadgets in a short time in say a hotel room or an airport lounge. 

New 15W wireless chargers are awesome to see, too, but if you're only buying one new charger, make it a wired one; you'll get more use of it now that everything from our laptops to our earbuds, and everything in between, is powered by USB-C Power Delivery.

If you're planning on making the best of your Galaxy S22's beefy hardware, you'll surely be playing all the best Android games on your Samsung phone. 

Before diving into Diablo Immortal or Apex Legends Mobile for hours though, be sure to grab an excellent Android phone controller to enrich your experience. The Razer Kishi is an outstanding controller that will transform your S22 into an epic mobile gaming rig. Our gaming head Jennifer Locke was truly impressed with the Razer controller for your Galaxy S22, labelling it a must-have mobile gaming accessory in her review.

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