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Best Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra cases 2022

It may not technically be a Galaxy Note but with a large display and an S Pen, the S22 Ultra fills the void well. Powerful, productive, and quite pretty in its green and burgundy colorways, your S22 Ultra deserves excellent protection with one of the best cases that will fit around its massive chassis. After all, it is one of the best Android phones on the market. Whether you want heavy-duty protection, grip without the bulk or even something that can replace your wallet, this selection of the best Galaxy S22 Ultra cases have you covered — literally.

These cases will protect your expensive new S22 Ultra

Why you need one of the best S22 Ultra cases

The Galaxy S22 Ultra is one of the best Android phones and is one of the largest and the heaviest of the S22 series. With more mass means it falls with more force, so drop protection ends up being paramount for Galaxy S22 cases. Heavy-duty cases like the Supcase UB Pro, Poetic Spartan, and CaseBorne Series R add in as much drop protection as they can while still trying to meet the other needs of their users: visibility and functionality.

Speaking of functionality, even if kickstand cases aren't usually your jam, you might want to give them fresh consideration for the Galaxy S22 Ultra. This phone is basically a mini-tablet; being able to drop it up with notes, app feeds, or with a Zoom call, it comes in very handy very quickly. While Samsung itself makes a handful of quality cases for this phone, there are a ton of other options too.

If you prefer your protection less tank-like and more subtle, the Caseology Parallax and Spigen Liquid Air both offer grip and air cushions in more svelte packages, though I can't draw my eyes away from the Caseology Nano Pop's Evo Green colorway. Don't forget, while a case keeps most of the outer surfaces safe from drops, be sure to get one of the best screen protectors for the Galaxy S22 Ultra to keep the display safe.

Chris Wedel
Chris Wedel
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