Best S22 cases 2023

The Samsung Galaxy S22 is one of our favorite smartphones of 2022, thanks to its compact design and sturdy build. Yet, despite the impressive build quality, the device is not indestructible. The last thing you want to deal with is a cracked smartphone, especially since the S22 features a glass back panel instead of a "glasstic" one found on its predecessor.

You may not want to cover your beautiful green colorway, but it'll be worth it to protect your Galaxy S22. Besides, the phone is small enough that throwing a case on it won't really affect its portability. In any case (pun intended), here are some of the best Galaxy S22 cases we've tried out.

The best Galaxy S22 cases grab your attention and your hand

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A stylish Galaxy S22 case is worth the effort

The Galaxy series usually gets the most variety in phone cases for Android phones, and since the latest flagships have been out for a little while now, many name-brand options are available from reliable brands like Caseology, SUPCASE, Spigen, and OtterBox. 

For most people, the first-party Samsung Galaxy S22 Leather Cover is the perfect pick. It's thin, luxurious, stylish without being exuberant, and it feels extremely comfy to hold. You get precise cutouts and added grip thanks to that lovely genuine leather texture and there are three assorted shades to choose from, though they aren't very creative.

Since using the phone, I've taken a liking to the OtterBox Symmetry clear case for the Galaxy S22, as I'm able to show off the gorgeous green colorway and still be confident that my phone is protected. Of course, OtterBox has plenty of cases for different needs, including some of the best Galaxy S22 screen protectors, but this is the one I find myself using most.

If you want something spicier, I found myself falling hard for the Raptic Shield Case in Iridescent. It's big, it's bad, and it's got beautiful borders that shift shades like an oil spill. No to mention, that military-grade durability on this tough S22 phone cover provides much peace of mind.

The Smartish Wallet Case is an excellent choice if you want something with more utility. It features a pouch that can hold three cards and some cash, so you can free up your pocket and not have to carry a separate wallet when you're out and about. 

Not only that, but this S22 wallet & folio case feels great in hand, enables wireless charging through the case, and comes in a few great colors. I'm partial to the Flavor of the Month, as it makes my Galaxy S22 look simply out of this world.

After grabbing a case and screen protector, be sure to grab one of the best Galaxy S22 accessories to ensure your Galaxy S22 is properly paired up, tuned up, and charged up (since it doesn't come with a charger in the box). We also recommend a nice pair of earbuds since the S22 lacks an audio jack.

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