Tech21 Evo Check Note 10+ Case review: Adaptable and drop-resistant luxury

The days when those looking to protect their phone needed to turn to hulking multi-layer tanks is long over, and even with a phone as big and heavy as the Galaxy Note 10+, you can find impressive drop protection in a case that's not only lightweight but translucent, allowing that distinct Samsung styling to shine through.

Most heavy-duty cases are only drop tested 3-6 feet, but Tech21 isn't any old case maker, and the Evo Check isn't any old case. This premium protector is drop-tested to 12 feet, antimicrobial, and feels great and grippy in the hands, but it'll set you back a few dollars more than most of the Note 10+ cases we come across.

The Good

  • Very grippy
  • Swappable button cover colors
  • Sturdy, premium build

The Bad

  • Expensive
  • Be careful with cleaners

Tech21 Evo Check Note 10+ Case Checking all the boxes

While you might look at the Evo Check and think it's just another TPU clear case, you would be sorely mistaken. The Evo Check is assembled with Flexshock, a proprietary material that's impact-resistant and — you guessed it — flexible, allowing for robust protection without making the case difficult to get on and off. While this certainly isn't the thinnest case around, it feels sleek but not slippery in the hand, easy to grasp for long periods. Despite that slick look, it won't slide around on desks and countertops, and it won't slip out of your pocket when you bend down to tie your shoes.

The button covers also pop out, allowing you to swap the boring black for either a bright yellow or nice teal when you want, which offers some fun contrast at times. I wish the buttons had some texture on them, especially since there's no texture on the sides of the case, but they work quite well, are easy to swap without feeling like they'll pop out willy-nilly, and they

This case also has antimicrobial protection, which is wonderful for those of us who remember just how many nasty surfaces we set our phones down on and how many nasty germs it can pick up even with the cleanest of hands.

Tech21 Evo Check Note 10+ Case The price of premium protection

Premium look, premium price

Tech21 makes a darn good case — there's a reason Google has partnered with them for Pixel cases for the last four years — but with a premium brand comes a premium price tag, and Tech21's case runs double what most clear cases do, such as the comparable $13 Ringke Fusion-X. This case is more streamlined, more sturdy, and to many a great deal prettier than the Ringke, but I'm not sure it's worth three times the price.

The only other problem with this case relates to how it handles prolonged exposure to moisture and cleaning materials. After condensation accumulated in a puddle on the back of the case, it took days for the outline to go away, and I'm not sure if it's an interaction with the anti-microbial layer, but when using alcohol or other harsher cleaning materials, it can make the case susceptible to blemishes and defects. If you need to clean this case, just use water and maybe a tiny bit of light dish soap.

Tech21 Evo Check Note 10+ Case

Great look if you can get it

The Evo Check is a case with a lot going for it between premium materials, superb engineering, and a grippy feel with a smooth look. It's got just about everything going for it except for an affordable price, but you know what they say, you get what you pay for.

3.5 out of 5

A $40 case is going to be a non-starter for a lot of users, and that's perfectly fine. We've got a Best Note 10+ Cases that's chock-full of cases at every price point, but few are as drop-hardy as the Tech21 Evo Check. That might be worth the upgrade for those that need more peace of mind — or just drop their phone consistently — and the antimicrobial properties are icing on the proverbial cake.

Ara Wagoner

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