Ringke Fusion-X Galaxy Note 10+ Case review: A clear case that can go the distance

When picking a Note 10+ case, a clear case seems the natural choice, especially if you opted for the rainbow-refracted Aura Glow — or even more exclusive Aura Blue — but clear cases have a reputation for being lighter protection, something most of us can't afford with a phone this large and this expensive. Thankfully, there are more and more durable clear cases on the market these days, Ringke makes one that's as easy on the eyes as it is on the wallet without skimping on sturdiness.

The Good

  • Durable without being stiff
  • Grippy but not sharp edges
  • Doesn't add bulk
  • Nice color and camo options

The Bad

  • Smudge magnet

Ringke Fusion-X Galaxy Note 10+ Case What I love

This case leads our Best Galaxy Note 10+ Cases roundup for a reason: it looks cool, feels great, and costs less than pizza night for the family. The combination of boldly colored TPU bumper with a clear, hard backplate isn't exactly new, but it is perfectly executed for the Note 10 and its refracted glass backs. My Aura Blue doesn't get quite as prismatic as the Aura Glow most of my coworkers are rocking, but it still showcases the refractions and reflections while protecting it from scratches and slips.

The TPU bumper here looks stiff and edgy and buff, but it's still flexible enough to make getting the Note 10+ in and out of the case a breeze while holding onto the phone well enough to assuage any concerns that the phone is going to pop out during regular use. While the bumper and the air-cushioned corners are quite angular, the case doesn't feel sharp or uncomfortable in the hand, in fact it feels rather nice. Port cutouts are wide enough for my USB-C to USB-A adapters, and the S-Pen is still easy to extract while still protecting that corner from drops.

The camo version of this case adds more grip than the traditional clear models — and its design obscures smudges on the inside or outside of the case — but the printed backplate seems to collect dust and dirt particles a little more quickly, as well. I like these printed options, though the Note 10+ has fewer options than the Galaxy S10 version does.

Ringke Fusion-X Galaxy Note 10+ Case Smudges smudges and more smudges

Smudges and wide ports

The Fusion-X being a clear case is great most of the time, except for one very important thing: the show every smudge, scrape and speck of dirt your case, phone, hands, or pocket have come into contact with. It's part of the clear case life — well, unless you by a glitter clear case like the Spigen Liquid Crystal Glitter — and the Fusion X at least wipes clean easily, something other clear cases I know can't claim.

The Fusion-X's only potential problem is one of taste. One of my editors thinks this case is butt-ugly, while two others asked for the name so they could track one down themselves. I'm aware that my own tastes are somewhat eclectic, so it's worth pointing out that while I think the angled air cushions and sharp look of this case is cool, I'm sure some of you will be telling me I need to get my eyes checked.

Ringke Fusion-X Galaxy Note 10+ Case

Reflective Ringke

I've got over two dozen cases on my desk for the Note 10+, but the Fusion-X was the first case I put on and has been the case I keep coming back to after swapping cases for pictures or tests. It's grippy and shows off the back without getting too bulky or too stiff. It's the best of both worlds, fitting for a case called Fusion.

4.5 out of 5

For $13, it's hard to do better than this for a heavy-duty clear case, and between the Fusion-X's style and durable substance, this is a case I'm quite sure I will be coming back to time and time again during my use of the Note 10+.

Ara Wagoner

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