Best Samsung Galaxy S22 screen protectors 2024

The Samsung Galaxy S22 has a strong Gorilla Glass screen, but, like any glass, it's still susceptible to scratches and, with a big enough fall, cracks. When your phone inevitably meets the sidewalk at speed, a screen protector can help absorb and spread out the force of that impact. A screen protector is a sacrificial component to save you the cost of a complete display replacement, which comes in at over $150, even if you do it yourself.

We've rounded up the best picks for your Galaxy S22 because every time you go out without a screen protector, you put your phone at risk.

The best Galaxy S22 screen protectors for your display

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Save your precious S22 screen

Accidents happen to the best of us, and they tend to happen at the least convenient time possible. Whether you've had it for a while or just got your hands on a Samsung Galaxy S22, the first thing you'll want to do is apply a high-quality screen protector on top. Cheap glass screen protectors are tempting, but they often lack some quality-of-life features like oleophobic coatings to reduce fingerprints, and may not work well with the fingerprint scanner. 

You'll get these features from high-quality tempered glass screen protectors, though they can be a pain to install unassisted. Films are much easier to install on your own and don't crack when you attempt do-overs. They also allow for better touch responsiveness, leading to fewer issues with fingerprint scanners.

There's no single best screen protector, as everyone has different needs and preferences, but the amFilm Glass Screen protector is a good fit for most people. This two-pack of hard tempered glass brings you value for money, and it comes with an easy application tool, minimizing risks of breakage should you attempt to apply it on your own. It also includes a couple of protectors for your rear cameras, so you're protected on the front and back of your devices.

If you're someone who prefers a matte finish, the affordable ArmorSuit MilitaryShield is a fantastic choice. Made in the U.S., this anti-glare protective film goes easy on your eyes and it repels fingerprint marks. It is also durable, offering scratch resistance and full coverage for the Galaxy S22's rounded corners. This one's a two-pack, too, but there are no protective pieces for your S22's camera lens. 

If you're on a tighter budget and don't care much for the screen protector quality, consider grabbing a heavy-duty S22 case with a built-in screen guard instead.

Done picking a screen protector for your brand new Galaxy device? Let's move on to your next order of business, which is getting the right phone cover to safeguard all the other exposed parts of your phone. 

The best Samsung Galaxy S22 cases are tough, functional, and add some panache to the already attractive S22. Regardless of whatever color option for the S22 you got, use it with a case to prevent unwanted nicks and scratches. If you're on a shopping spree, grab a couple of the best S22 accessories to augment your user experience.

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