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Which color Samsung Galaxy S22 should you buy?

The Samsung Galaxy S22 has an eye-catching design, especially the Galaxy S22 Ultra with its S Pen. But how much (or how little) of that design you show off depends on which color Samsung Galaxy S22 you buy. This year's green may be the best shade Samsung has given us since 2015's S6 Edge, and we have two drastically different shades of pink between the S22/S22+ and the S22 Ultra. You can only rock one phone color, though, and now's the time to pick which color you'll go for.

A rainbow of Galaxy S22 colors to choose from

Go green with the Galaxy S22 — literally

Samsung Galaxy S22+ colors

(Image credit: Samsung)

First things first: Galaxy S22 Ultra buyers, the S Pen is a black stylus with only the button/stem matching your colorway unless you buy a custom S22 Ultra color from Samsung, which all have black clickers and colored stems/tips. We apparently don't get full-colored S Pens anymore.

Color has meaning, and there's nothing worse than getting stuck with one that's boring for the next two or four years. The color selection this year for the S22 line is much more consistent across models than the Galaxy S21 colorways, and custom colors allow up to get a little more vibrance without relying solely on cases. For the Galaxy S22 and S22+, the hands-down winning colorway embraces a cool, natural palette.

Some are comparing the Galaxy S22's green to the iPhone 12, but this brighter shade can go deep in the shadows or shine in the light, not to mention it excellently contrasts with the vast majority of Galaxy S22 cases. Phantom Black and Phantom Black have their place — and hey, not everyone likes green since we've associated the color with poisons and villains for decades — but green is a far more appealing color than Pink Gold. Ah, that Pink Gold. It doesn't quite match the Pink Gold Galaxy Watch 4, and while we can see the hints of pink in it, it's pale and won't play well even with pink cases. If you're all about the pink look, you're better off grabbing Phantom White and then going with a case in a better shade.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 lying in some plants

(Image credit: Derrek Lee / Android Central)

Among the custom colors, the Sky Blue and Violet look very, very appealing, almost more so than the green, but it being exclusive to means it'll be unavailable to millions and millions of users who will be buying/upgrading phones through their carriers.

Burgundy is exclusive to the Galaxy S22 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra burgundy colorway

(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

The Galaxy S22 Ultra's burgundy is the pink/purple I wish the regular S22 received, but at least Ultra users will enjoy this delectable hue. It's giving me flashbacks to the LG Chocolate (in a good way). After seeing how well you can dress it up or down with clear/accent cases or even just letting the burgundy camera module shine alongside regular purple, red, and black cases, we can wholeheartedly endorse this colorway for fashion-forward Galaxy fans. It's not the Very Peri Pantone Color of 2022 — Samsung's Lavender S21 and Z Flip 3 were ahead of the colorful curve — but it can play well with a variety of cool and warm tones for a unique look.