Samsung Galaxy S6 camera

Imaging is a big focus of Samsung's new Galaxy S6 and S6 edge — not only is the Korean company talking up image quality, but also how quickly the camera can be launched at any time — Samsung says the camera can be brought to life in as little as 0.7 seconds using a variety of shortcuts. To put this to the test, we spent some time with the phone at Mobile World Congress, and captured the GS6 camera's startup times compared to the Galaxy S5 and Note 4, as well as Apple's iPhone 6. Check out the animations down below.

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Double-tap to launch to camera

First up, here's the Galaxy S6's camera shortcut in action. Double tapping the home key at any time, even when the device is off, will immediately fire up the camera app.

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Double-tap to open camera from anywhere

With the device turned on, camera startup times using the double-tap shortcut are even quicker. We measured this as almost exactly the 0.7 seconds quoted by Samsung from the second tap to the camera app being fully activated.

Galaxy S6 versus Galaxy S5 camera launch speed

Next up, here's the Galaxy S6 going up against last year's GS5. Using the lock screen camera shortcut, we can see the gulf in camera startup times between these two phones. The GS6 is clearly much faster.

Galaxy S6 versus Galaxy Note 4 camera launch speed

The difference is less pronounced when comparing the Note 4 to the GS6, however the Note's camera app still takes longer to become fully active, shutter key and all.

Galaxy S6 versus iPhone 6 camera launch speed

Finally, here's the Galaxy S6 next to Apple's iPhone 6, with almost identical startup times.

We won't know more about the Galaxy S6's camera performance until we get our hands on finalized devices using finished software, but the signs are promising, even with the early devices on show at MWC. For more background on the GS's camera capabilities, check out our hands-on preview.

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