This Presidents' Day, skip the S24 altogether and get a FREE Samsung Galaxy S23 at Verizon — no trade-in required!

The Galaxy S23 in hand
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Like everyone else here at Android Central, I get pretty excited when new devices come along, but Verizon just dropped a Galaxy S23 deal that's making me think twice about investing in Samsung's latest. Pick up the 2023 flagship and add a line with ANY Unlimited plan and Verizon will give you the phone for 100% free — no trade-in required. 

Samsung Galaxy S23 128GB: $699.99FREE with new line at Verizon (no trade-in required)

Samsung Galaxy S23 128GB: $699.99 FREE with new line at Verizon (no trade-in required)

Add a line with any Unlimited plan at Verizon — that includes the Unlimited Welcome, Ultimate Plus, and Unlimited Ultimate plans — and the Big Three carrier will hook you up with enough promo credits over 36 months to make the Galaxy S23 totally free. And I'll say it once more for the folks in the back: no trade-in is required to receive the free phone.

Price comparison: Best Buy - $699.99 | Amazon - $715

Recommended if: you want a new phone but you're sick of all the trade-in deals; you're a Verizon customer or willing to switch; you don't mind a great phone from last year.

Skip this deal if: you want to be on the cutting-edge of Android technology; you own a recently-released phone that you want to trade in; you're happy with your current phone service. 

For a phone that just passed its first birthday, the Samsung Galaxy S23 is certainly no slouch. The custom Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset still performs like a champ, holding its own against the best Android phones that money can buy, while the excellent battery life and extensive software support mean that you could be using the phone for years before it begins to lag or feel obsolete. 

Indeed, the Galaxy S23 rivals its newer counterpart, the S24, in just about every way that matters. You may be losing out on the slightly updated design, larger battery, and the newest Snapdragon chipset, but that's about it when you compare the Galaxy S24 vs the S23. The S23 will even be getting all of those super-hyped Galaxy AI features in a future software update later this year. 

To put it bluntly, if you want a new phone and all of those complicated Galaxy S24 deals simply aren't working for you, skip the hassle of a trade-in and grab a free S23 from Verizon. 

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  • gwinegarden
    If anyone believes that they are getting a $700 phone "for free", they need to give that some serious thought.