Last chance! Get $50 off the Galaxy Z Fold 5, Z Flip 5 before they're even announced

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Samsung Unpacked kicks off on Wednesday, July 26th, at 7am ET, which means you're almost out of time to reserve the latest set of Galaxy devices before they're officially unveiled.

It works like this. Click the link below and give Samsung your name and email address and they'll hook you up with a $50 credit, no strings attached. That cash can be applied to any of the new devices, which we expect will include the Galaxy Z Fold 5, Z Flip 5, Galaxy Watch 6, and more. 

The best part is that you don't have to spend any money today, and there's no commitment to buy if you change your mind later. Just drop your name and email address in the form and the discount is yours. The only catch is that the offer expires when Samsung Unpacked begins, so act fast. 

Save $50 right now

Save $50 right now

Stoked about the next lineup of Galaxy devices? Just give Samsung your name and email address and you'll get $50 off your preorder of new Galaxy devices when they're unveiled. Be sure to do it before the reservation promotion ends on July 26, though! 

There's no commitment whatsoever and you don't have to spend any money today. 

Reserve at Samsung now

As has been the case in previous years, this $50 promotional credit can be used in conjunction with other trade-in and promotional offers, meaning you really should just toss your name in the hat if you're considering buying any of Samsung's next big Galaxy devices.

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What we expect

Samsung is playing coy about which devices will be announced, but we're pretty sure we can guess what's coming soon. We expect the next-generation Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 to make an appearance at the late-July show, including what's expected to be a complete revamp of the cover screen.

Then there's the Galaxy Z Fold 5 which looks to further improve performance over last year's flagship foldable phone and even introduce a brand new hinge design that could be similar to the Google Pixel Fold.

Last but certainly not least, we're also expecting to see the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 at the show, as well. Aside from the usual set of expected improvements, Samsung is expected to bring the Classic model back with its physically rotating bezel. Samsung removed it on the Galaxy Watch 5 series and that spawned lots of complaints from users and reviewers, alike.

What else could we see from the show? Since we already have all the latest Galaxy S and Galaxy A model phones that normally release in a year, it's entirely possible that Samsung will debut a new Galaxy Tab or a new set of Galaxy Buds.

Samsung is also making an XR headset to compete with the likes of the Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest headsets, but we're not expecting to see that get announced this month.

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