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Incredible AT&T deal could get you a free Galaxy Z Flip 4 — here's how

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Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked event arrived this morning with all of the fanfare you'd expect — but the one thing we didn't anticipate was a bounty of fresh AT&T deals, one of which could get you a free Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 if you play your cards right. 

Allow me to explain. As you might already know, today's Unpacked event unveiled a lineup of upcoming Samsung devices, including the Galaxy Z Fold 4, the Galaxy Z Flip 4, the Galaxy Watch 5, and more. Right on the heels of the event, AT&T announced that it was offering a special promotion: preorder one of those two foldable phones and trade in any Galaxy phone of any age and condition, and AT&T will give you up to $1,000 in promo credits. You can use that money to seriously discount the price of the Z Fold 4 — bringing it down to just $799 — or you can apply it to the purchase of the Z Flip 4 to make that phone 100% free. That's a pretty impressive deal for two phones that are almost certain to rank among the best foldable phones ever made. 

For folks who'd rather preorder the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 or Watch 5 Pro, you're also in luck. Preorder either one through the AT&T store, and the wireless carrier will give you a second device for $430 off. That means you're getting the brand new Watch 5 Pro for just $69.99 or the Watch 5 for free. BOGOs, anyone?

Although it's still too early to get your hands on the new Samsung devices (they all hit store shelves on August 26th), these preorder deals are enough for me to hit that Add to Cart button today. If you feel the same, keep reading for some links to the preorder deals.

AT&T deals of the day — get a free foldable phone

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4: $799.99 FREE with any trade-in at AT&T (opens in new tab)

Looking to replace your existing smartphone? Preorder the brand new Galaxy Z Flip 4 through AT&T while trading in any older Galaxy phone, and the wireless carrier will hook you up with enough promo credits to make the foldable totally free. 

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4: $1,799.99 $799.99 with any trade-in at AT&T (opens in new tab)

Similar to the deal described above, if you preorder the Z Fold 4 and send them ANY old device, you'll get up to $1,000 in trade-in credits. That could potentially bring the price of the phone down to just $799.99. Not too shabby for the most cutting-edge foldable device on the market today. 

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 5: Buy one wearable, get the second FREE (opens in new tab)

In addition to those smartphones, AT&T got its hands on the new Galaxy Watch 5. Preorder one of these wearables through the wireless carrier when adding a new line and you'll be given enough promo credits to make a second watch totally free. That's a $329.99 value!

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro: Buy one wearable, get the second for $430 off (opens in new tab)

The premium Galaxy Watch 5 Pro also debuted this morning with a fairly steep $499.99 price tag, so we're glad to see that AT&T is including the wearable in its lineup of preorder deals. Order the Pro this month and you'll be eligible to buy a second watch for $430 off. That brings the price down to a mere $70.

This morning's announcement left us with a lot to think about. If you want a comprehensive look at everything that went down, check out our Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2022 guide. 

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